Hugh Stamp is the secondary antagonist of the 2002 spy action film Mission: Impossible II. He served as Sean Ambrose's right-hand man.

He was portrayed by Richard Roxburgh, who also portrayed the Duke of Monroth in Moulin Rouge and Count Dracula from Van Helsing.


Stamp first appeared as a pilot of a plane carrying Dr. Nekhorvich and his boss, Sean (disguised as Ethan Hunt). He succeeded in causing the plane to crash and kill Nekhorvich. He then escapes with Sean and the rest of the team.

Stamp was wary about Nyah's presence until Sean, who is not suspicious at all, sliced a portion of Stamp's right finger with a cigar cutter. He then wears a patch on the top of his finger throughout the rest of the film.

Towards the end of the film at a heavily-guarded island storage complex, Stamp searches for Ethan Hunt. After a brief fight, "Stamp" returns to Sean with a captured "Ethan". Sean then tortues and kills "Ethan", but after noticing the patched-up finger and rip opening a mask, Sean realized that he killed Stamp and was horrified over his actions.



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