Hulk, who is normally one of Marvel Comics's most iconic superheroes, is usually depicted as a dangerous opponent but on the side of ultimate good - with extreme anger and violence he is still able to understand right from wrong and will not harm innocents unless manipulated or otherwise altered : the same, however, cannot be said for the Hulk found in the alternate reality known as "Last Avengers Story", a dystopian look into a "grim-dark" Marvel reality.


Hulk seemed to be, for the most part, the same as the green behemoth from Marvel's mainstream reality (known as Earth-616) up until a fateful moment in which Hawkeye, Tigra, Mockingbird, Wonder Man and himself were teamed up to stop Ultron.

While he had aided heroes in saving the world before for some reason Hulk decided to betray his team-mates during this fight and punched Wonder-Man - this caused Tigra to attack Hulk by trying to claw his eyes out, showing no restraint this version of Hulk proceeded to tear Tigra in half like a wishbone, sadistically saying "make a wish!" while doing so, mocking her violent demise.

Furious at Hulk's betrayal as well as his cruelty Wonder Man engaged the traitor in a brutal fight to the death, which resulting in Hulk punching Wonder Man so hard in the chest that his skin ruptured, causing ionic energy to leak out - knowing he was about to die Wonder Man made sure that Hulk would die with him : grabbing the monster and taking him with him as he exploded in a mushroom-cloud of energy, sufficient to kill even Hulk.


  • Tigra (torn in half like a wishbone) (note: this death is very similar to an infamous event in Earth-616 in which Hulk tore Wolverine in half, Wolverine survived due to his mutant regenerative powers - Tigra was not so lucky)
  • Wonder Man (punched so hard that his ionic energy ruptured, ironically this would aid in the demise of Hulk himself)

Powers and Abilities

An alternate-reality version of Hulk, he was presumably at the same level of the average "Green Hulk" incarnation - he did not have the limitless power of the World-Breaker nor the equally impressive powers of World War era Hulk, as he was able to be killed by an ionic explosion (this theoretically makes him slightly weaker than even the "Green Hulk" of Earth-616, since that version of Hulk has been shown to survive nuclear explosions capable of wiping out the entire human race).

Regardless of the minor details this version of Hulk was strong enough to fight Wonder Man to the death and rip Tigra in half with ease, making him a formidable force - he was also sadistic and cruel, something that the mainstream Hulk is not.

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