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~ Hulk Jimmy

Hulk Jimmy was Jimmy Neutron's Hulk-like form with freakishly-impossible strength and the ability to heal himself. He is a minor villain in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. He only appears in "The N-Men", as the main antagonist. He has orange skin, green hair and eyes, and wore blue pants.

Like his normal form, he is voiced by Debi Derryberry. 


After constant stress about how his friends were given superpowers, using them out in the open, and getting captured by the military, Jimmy eventually discovered his own. However, any motivation for anger would cause him to turn against anyone opposing him.

Eventually, after fighting his friends near the base, Cindy Vortex helped Jimmy return to his senses by attempting to confess her true feelings, only for her life force to nearly run out. Once he turned back to normal, Jimmy realized the situation and saved them with Sam's seltzer bottle.

Unfortunately, he didn't reappear in The League of Villains, since Carl Wheezer had grabbed the love potion instead of Jimmy's N-Men packet. However, he was mentioned by Cindy after Jimmy warned his friends about the N-Men packets can only be used in emergencies only.


  • This form of Jimmy is a mixture of the Hulk and the Thing from the Fantastic 4.
  • He is the only N-Men member not to appear in The League of Villains.
  • Jimmy transforming into Hulk Jimmy is a reference to how Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk as Jimmy and Bruce Banner are both scientists.
  • Hulk Jimmy's color palette (orange skin and blue pants) is very similar to the Hulk's color palette (green skin and purple pants).
  • If Carl didn't drop Jimmy's N-Men packet behind, Hulk Jimmy would've appeared in The League of Villains to help Jimmy's friends.