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EDI: If my calculations are correct, the superstructure... is a Reaper.
Commander Shepard: Not just any Reaper... A Human-Reaper!
~ Commander Shepard and EDI discussing the Human-Reaper Larva.

The Human-Reaper Larva was a monstrous creation of the Reapers that was a fusion of human DNA and Reaper technology.

It was made by the Collectors via mass-harvesting of humans, whose DNA was then fatally extracted and turned into the material used to create a techno-organic abomination in the vein of the Reapers themselves. Unfortunately for the Collectors, the Larva had not yet been quite finished by the time Commander Shepard and his/her allies launched an assault on the Collector Base. Confronting the Larva at the very end of the mission, Shepard and company wasted no time attacking what they recognized as a threat to the galaxy, and managed to destroy it despite the Collector's efforts to protect it and also the Larva's own attempts at combat.

Desiring to control the Reapers, the Illusive Man later had the remnants of the Larva harvested and shipped to his base on Cronos Station. Depending on whether or not the Collector Base was spared, either the Larva's "heart" or "brain" was successfully recovered. Commander Shepard would later take the recovered piece to use in the war against the Reapers.


  • The Human-Reaper Larva bears a striking resemblance to the T-800's metallic endoskeleton.
  • The boss fight with the Human-Reaper Larva is widely considered to be one of the most anti-climactic boss battles in video game history.


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