The Human Brain Supercomputer is a boss in the 1989 videogame The Revenge of Shinobi. Built by Neo Zeed, This weaponized AI tank with the encased human brain of an unidentified murder victim was created as a defense system against probable trespassers, The Human Brain Supercomputer utilizes laser devices, firearms, and explosives to destroy anyone or anything that stood in its way.


The Revenge of Shinobi

The Human Brain Supercomputer is a top-secret experiment Neo Zeed have developed and they programmed it with the task of piloting the criminal organization's air carrier housed at a private military base under their control.

It was able to detect the shinobi warrior Joe Musashi of the Oboro Clan after he stowed away onto the air carrier.

Joe engages the Supercomputer after making his way through the air carrier fighting soldiers of Neo Zeed. Unable to move itself, the Supercomputer attacks Joe Musashi with its laser defense system but is destroyed when it exposed its brain from underneath its mechanical armor.

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

A similar AI weapon dubbed "Mark" was designed when the group Neo Zeed reemerged and it was stationed at a secret hi-tech facility to defend a Zeed laboratory and its abominable bioweapon experiments.

It was given an armored pod to move in and was outfitted with various missile and beam weapons, as well as a teleportation system and a reality-distortion field to confuse enemy attacks.

Despite the advances in its abilities, it was again crushed by Joe Musashi's skills as a ninja master.