The Human Eradication Army, also referred to alternatively as the Human Annihilation Army or the Human Extermination Army, is a military formed by Lordgenome to keep the human population underground and the main antagonists for the first half of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It is led by The Four Supreme Generals, who each command a different division of it.


After the Spiral War ended in the destruction of the Spiral forces and the Anti-Spiral's triumph, a Spiral Extermination System was set up over Earth, as with other planets that contained spiral beings, to exterminate all life on Earth if the human population ever reached one million.

So as to keep humanity's numbers below the limit in order to ensure the Anti-Spirals would not wipe them all out, Lordgenome turned on his human comrades and began the push to drive them underground. He engineered a new race called Beastmen, incapable of producing Spiral Energy, and established the Human Eradication Army, a Beastmen military force whose purpose was to slay any humans who reached the surface, in order to keep humanity's numbers low so the Anti-Spiral would not retaliate again.

However, eventually, a sizable resistance force was formed to combat the Human Eradication Army called "Team Dai-Gurren", founded and led by Kamina and later by his "little bro" Simon. Team Dai-Gurren fought the Human Eradication Army all the way to their capital city of Teppelin, where Simon killed Lordgenome, the Spiral King, ending the war and allowing humanity to reclaim the surface once again.

After the deaths of Lordgenome and the Four Supreme Generals, the Human Eradication Army went defunct as a new human civilization was established on the surface of the planet. Beastmen warlords who were former members of the Human Eradication Army would continue to wage war against human settlements, though most were eventually eliminated by the New Government with their Grapearl squadrons.



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