Hungry Mungry is the villain protagonist of Shel Silverstein's poem of the same name. He is known for eating everything in sight, whether it's dead or alive, natural or artificial, edible or inedible, etc. It is possible that he is a giant or something.

According to the Poem

It begins when Mungry takes out all three types of utensils for supper. He starts eating a bowl of mushroom soup, 1 slice of roasted pork, 12 stewed tomatoes, 27 deviled eggs, 15 shrimps, 9 baked potatoes, 32 fried chicken legs, 1 shank of lamb, a boiled ham, and 2 bowls of grits, black-eyed peas, (drinks) 4 chocolate shakes, 8 angel cakes, 9 custard pies with Muenster cheese, and (drinks) 10 pots of tea. After overeating, he pours broth on the tablecloth and eats the table.

He then eats everything and everyone in sight. First, he eats his own parents (for telling him to "stop those silly jokes"), his own house, all of the neighborhood's people, twenty angry policemen (for arriving and telling him to stop and cease), the U.S. army (for coming to shoot him with tanks and guns), the bombers and bombs (which the President sent to try to stop him), the entire town and city, and finishes eating the whole United States (at one point, washing it all down by drinking the Missisippi River).

After the entire United States is eaten, and so are all of the people (each puppy, boy, and girl), he wipes his mouth on his sleeve, and eats everywhere around the world (for example, the pyramids in Egypt, the churches in Rome, the grass in Africa, the ice in Nome, and the hills in Brazil). Afterwards, he decides for dessert, he'll eat the universe. He eats the moon and the stars, the clouds, the wind, and ends with the sun.

He is successful in eating everything in sight, but he has also defeated himself, because nothing is left for him to eat. So, he begins eating himself, starting by nibbling his feet until only the sound of a burp is left.