Hey! Get outta here!
~ The Hunter shooing Benji away from the cougar he shot.

The Hunter is the secondary antagonist of Joe Camp's 1987 drama film Benji the Hunted by Disney. He is a rugged outdoorsman who kills the Cougar cubs' mother and wants to kill Benji for trying to steal his prey. The Hunter is shown to be cruel, heartless, murderous, sadistic and greedy. The Hunter is a slender tall man with brown hair. He wears a red shirt with stripes, blue pants, black shoes, and a tan vest.

He was portrayed by Red Steagall.


The Hunter is first seen when he shoots down a cougar. Benji attempts to comfort the dying animal, but he is chased away by the Hunter, who then retrieves the dead cat and marches off with her draped over his shoulders. Benji subsequently encounters four orphaned cougar cubs, belonging to the killed cougar, and he attempts to shield them from predation.

Benji then finds a cabin where a quail is being cooked over an open fire. When the Hunter takes the cooked bird inside, Benji spies two additional dead quails hanging on a line nearby. He grabs one of the birds and drags its body back to the den for the cubs.

Benji returns to the cabin to get the other dead quail, but the Hunter catches him and ties him up. Reading Benji's collar, the Hunter remembers there is a reward for the dog's rescue and plans to kill him. When the Hunter goes inside, Benji tugs at the rope, trying to break free. Just then, a black timber wolf growls at Benji. When the Hunter comes outside, the wolf runs away. As Benji paces the area as far as the rope will allow, the wolf comes back and Benji makes a commotion. The Hunter comes outside to see about the noise, scaring the wolf away. The hunter briefly unties Benji while trying to unravel his rope. Benji grabs the other dead quail in his mouth and runs back to the cubs.


Hold it, pal!
~ The Hunter capturing Benji.
Awesome, you know, they got a new reward out for you.
~ The Hunter recognizing Benji by his name license.
It won't be long now.
~ The Hunter planning to kill Benji after tying him to a tree.
Sure don't want to turn you loose in the house.
~ The Hunter after trying to shoot the Timber Wolf.
You want to show me how you did this?
~ The Hunter wondering how the rope on Benji got through the chair during his encounter with the Timber Wolf.
Now you stay put until I get this mess sorted out.
~ The Hunter before trying to clean up the mess after Benji's encounter with the Timber Wolf.
~ The Hunter's last words.



  • The Hunter is rumored by fans to be the Man who shot Bambi's mother.
  • There are hints that the Hunter is a villain:
    1. After he captures Benji, he recognizes him and makes plans to kill him before he could be rescued.
    2. He is a poacher.


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