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The Hunter is the main antagonist of the Kao the Kangaroo-video game series. He is a ruthless nameless hunter who captures different kind of animals. In the first Kao game, he goes to africa and captures and kidnaps all of Kao's family members. So Kao goes on an adventure to rescue them. After he fights and defeats him, he and his family capture him and lock him in a cage. But they let him go and ban him from africa. In the second game, he captures Kao and many other innocent animals. Kao is freed by the parrot and again, goes on an adventure to save the animals. After another battle with the Hunter, he and the parrot capture him again in a cage and in the credits, it is seen that they left him alone on a small island where he is sitting and crying.


The hunter is a very ruthless and nasty person. He loves to hunt innocent animals down, to capture them. He also seems very cowardly, as he runs away from Kao, as he fears to be defeated by him. 

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