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Hunter (The Cleveland Show)


Hunter is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "Jesus Walks". He was Junior's love rival, fighting over Vanessa.

He was voiced by Darren Criss.


Junior first saw Hunter, when he was performing in the Christian youth choir, along with Vanessa, who he fell in love with at the time. When Junior joined the youth choir just to get close to her, Hunter knew this was competition, because he was in love with her too, and he'd been trying to get with her for far longer. Hunter demanded he back off and even revealed that he knew that Junior was an Atheist, which he planned to blackmail him with. This would soon be justified, when Junior found a bobby pin in his hair, one that comes with a yarmulke, revealing that Hunter was a Jew. This leveled the playing field for them and let the battle continue on.

Vanessa soon found out about both Hunter and Junior's secrets, but this only made her horny, since they knew they were lying just to get with her. She told them that she'd tear them apart, when they go to the home building for the homeless camp. Hunter and Junior were both terrified of this, having only wanted a simple relationship.

Hunter and Junior teamed up to avoid having sex with Vanessa. Junior had to go in first. Vanessa was laying down in the newly built house and Hunter had the idea to light the house on fire with gasoline and matches. He then bust in warning them about this and giving Junior a wink. After this, Vanessa said they should try again tomorrow, but Hunter and Junior finally told her "no", and planned on rebuilding the house among themselves, and distancing themselves from her. After this, Hunter and Junior became friends.


Hunter is a Caucasian, Jewish teenage boy with curly dark brown hair. He wears a mint green buttoned shirt and dark blue pants. In his second appearance, he has a purple T-shirt, blue sweatpants, and white sneakers.


Hunter is a dedicated person who commits to a religion he did not believe in, just to get with a girl, proving himself to be also very compassionate. He is also shown to be vengeful and argumentative, trying to get into a fight with Junior over Vanessa. However, he is also very prudent and advisable, since he was terrified of having sex with her.


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Hunter (The Cleveland Show)
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