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Hunter Borgia is the child of Isabella Borgia and Bruno Borgia, the latter being the so called "God of Gangsters" in the 1930s. He was born on the day of his father's death at the hands of the Predator known as Scarface. According to his mother, Hunter was born as a stunted weakling (almost a miscarriage) but the blood of Scarface had given him new life which led to Isabella sometimes referring to the Predator as also being Hunter's father.

Through the use of the alien Predator technology, Hunter and his family became a powerful force in the newly made city of Neonopolis. In that time, he also had a daughter called Lucretia Borgia who managed many of the operations in the city. The Borgia dynasty held a rule over the city for a hundred years and in that time, numerous Predators came for hunts on the planet Earth but were attacked by Hunter's people who stole their technology. He also came to perform secret genetic experiments on himself in an attempt to fuse Predator DNA with that of a Human.

A hundred years after the death of his father, the Borgia dynasty faced a threat from Scarface who had returned and sent by his people to correct the mistakes he had made during his earlier hunt. He combated various factions that made use of Predator technology and also fought against Lucretia Borgia's forces. Eventually, she fled to her father and learnt that his experiments had turned him into a hybrid with Human and Predator traits. He killed his own daughter after his transformation which led to her Ronin Bodyguard aiding the Predator Scarface in avenging their master's honor. Ultimately, Hunter was defeated, Scarface played back what Isabella told earlier that Hunter was a weakling when he was a baby, and if it wasn't for Scarface he would have been dead a long time ago. Scarface took Hunter's head as a trophy by Scarface.

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