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Not so tough now, Keanu!
~ Hunter Owen while aiming his pistol in the mirror.

Hunter Owen is an antagonist of the British BBC soap drama EastEnders.

He was the anti-hero in 2018 and the secondary antagonist in 2019.

He is the son of the late shady businessman Steve Owen and his wife Mel Owen. His notable storyline was killing Mel's husband Ray Kelly in self-defense when he tried to kill them both, after which Hunter perpetuated a siege when he held Mel and several other characters hostage at gunpoint in The Queen Victoria public house; Hunter wanted to get revenge on Mel's old fiancé Jack Branning for reporting him to the police for Ray's murder. This lasted until Hunter attempted to escape with his former girlfriend Louise Mitchell, accidentally shooting her half-brother Ben Mitchell in a scuffle over the gun, and shooting Louise's boyfriend Keanu Taylor in the process, but was killed by a police marksman in the end.

He was portrayed by actor Charlie Winter.


Hunter Owen arrives to Albert Square not long after his mother Mel Owen reappeared following a prolonging absence. Appearing as a charismatic youngster at first, Hunter was keen to learn how his late father Steve Owen died, after initially being told that his father died from a heart attack. He soon learns the truth when Mel's associate Ciara Maguire, ex-wife of gang lord Aidan Maguire, revealed the truth to him in retribution for Mel being unable failed to pay back money to Ciara in exchange for her not telling Hunter about the real circumstances behind Steve's death. Hunter was speechless to learn that his father was not a good person who he originally believed to be, but was actually a villain who killed his ex-girlfriend Saskia Duncan before framing his DJ employee Matthew Rose for the crime. Ciara then tells Hunter that Steve died in a car explosion whilst trying to kidnap a baby.

Hunter is anguished at his mother Mel Owen for lying to him all this time. They later forgive each other afterwards knowing that Mel lied to Hunter was to protect him. Hunter continues his relationship with Louise Mitchell but she later breaks up with him after finding out he was blackmailing her on an unknown phone number and after they both had sex together at his mother's office.

Hunter starts looking up to policeman Ray Kelly as a father, he later finds out he's a bigamist and Mel begins to marry him into getting his money. Mel would later slap the other two women who are married to him as well. Mel gets a phone call from Ray to meet him in the woods, knowing that Ray has kidnapped Hunter. They both meet up and Ray starts threatening Mel until she aims a gun at him. Mel tries calling up Hunter's phone and she hears a ringing vibration sound somewhere in the woods. Mel finds Hunter and she unties him from a tree. Ray turns psychotic and starts hitting the car with a shovel with Hunter and Mel trying to escape. Mel runs Ray over with the car and they crash into a tree. Ray is presumed dead but he wakes up and tries to kill Mel by choking her. Hunter shoots Ray, ultimately killing him. Ray's body is later found by the police and they find out Hunter killed him with the help from Jack Branning, who's involved with Hunter's imprisonment, Mel breaks up with Jack. Hunter is later arrested by police.

Mel finds out Hunter has escaped from prison. Hunter tries ringing up her phone from a phonebooth but is too late when Mel left the house. At night, Hunter meets Mel in her office, reuniting together. They both later go to a hidden apartment to avoid anybody looking suspicious.

After Hunter recovering from his wounds, he plans to get revenge on Jack for putting him in prison. He shows up at the back of the Queen Victoria pub, holding Linda Carter hostage when Mick walks in the room. Hunter lets go of Linda and leaves Mick hostage. Linda tells Jack that Hunter is waiting for him in the room. Jack tackles him to the ground but fails to get the gun off him. Hunter orders Jack, Mick, Mel and Linda to lead him out of pub at gunpoint without attracting attention. Keegan Baker spots Hunter yelling "He's got a gun!" Everybody in the pub are screaming. Everybody tries to grab the gun off Hunter which accidentally shoots Ben Mitchell in the crossfire. Ben struggling to breathe, Hunter proceeds to grab a pregnant Louise Mitchell as they head off outside and Phil Mitchell arrives to the pub with a crowbar but drops it when he tries to help his son Ben alongside Sonia Fowler, who works as a nurse.

The final showdown occurs when Hunter takes Louise outside and is stopped by police forces, stopping the latter from escaping. Keanu Taylor runs to save Louise but is shot in the shoulder by Hunter before throwing Louise to the ground. Hunter attempts to shoot Louise while pregnant but a SWAT Marksman finishes him off, shooting Hunter twice, killing him. Louise runs away scared and rushes over to injured Keanu. Mel breaks down over Hunter's dead body, the only son she's got.

Two months later, Mel Owen dies by getting run over by a lorry after she was continuously chased by Sharon Watts trying to expose Sharon's affair with Keanu, resulting in her pregnant in his child as well.

Sharon's affair is later exposed when Phil and the whole Mitchell's family finds out. Phil throws Sharon out of the house leaving her with nothing. Sharon is left defeated when she humiliated herself after admitting to those in the Queen Vic about having Keanu Taylor's baby. Dennis Rickman Jr. is anguished at Sharon and refuses to go with her. Sharon cries and storms off in defeat.