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But we got a chance to be real patriots here, Earl. And get us some target practice! These so-called survivors, Ha! Bunch of whiners let this thing happen.
~ Deetz Hartman to the other hunters prior to their attempted murder spree.

Deetz Hartman, Derrick Duggan, Earl Flaherty, and Johhny James, collectively known as the The Hunters, are a group of psychopaths in Dead Rising 2 and its spinoff and retelling, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.

Prior the the Fortune City Outbreak, it can be inferred that the hunters were simple and stereotypical American rednecks showing their love for their country anyway they can. As made evident through their dialogue, all of them were apart and helped with border patrol at some time. 

However, after the group ended up in Fortune City during the initial start of the outbreak and became trapped inside among the dead and other remaining survivors, they all snapped and became delusional believing the zombies and the remaining survivors were communists out to destroy America's democracy and they vowed not to allow that to happen as they all formed the plan to shoot or kill anyone they see, dead or alive one city at a time.

Background Information (Milita Men)

The aforementioned hunters all appear in the unanouned mission: Milita Men.

Four redneck men have taken matters into their own hands with a mission to rid America of certain groups of corrupting people: foreigners, socialists along with "pansies, floosies, bureaucrats, liberals and them half-assed conservatives too". They start out their mission to take everyone out in Fortune City, both zombies and any human survivors they encounter. After murdering an innocent man, they split up and each take a rooftop around Fortune Park and attempt to kill Chuck Greene, along with any other survivor he attempts to rescue or take with him, in addition to taking out the zombies.


Deetz Hartman


  • At age 50, Deetz is the oldest member of the hunters.


  • Sniper Rifle 
  • Bowie Knife


  • On the roof of Paradise Platinum Screens. Can be accessed by a ladder behind Juggz Bar & Grill.

Fighting Tatics:

  • Climb up the ladder next to the Maintenance Room and Juggz Bar and Grill to take him on using melee attacks.
  • Knife Gloves are efficient, as are any other powerful and fast attacking combo weapon.
  • A safe way of killing Deetz is to climb on top of the awning above Platinum Screens. If you position Chuck/Frank correctly, you can hit him with any firearms but he won't be able to hit you.

Derrick Duggan 


  • At age 30, Derrick is the third oldest member of the hunters.


  • Sniper Rifle 
  • Machete 

Fighting Tatics:

  • Derrick will attempt to shoot Chuck with his sniper rifle and has a lot of room to do so, especially when Chuck first climbs up.
  • He can move behind the air condition unit and Derrick will be forced to move closer to Chuck.
  • Chuck can then either step in and out of cover to shoot him, or he can rush him with a melee weapon.
  • He uses a machete for melee attacks, and his speed is deadly, so hit him quick and move away.

Earl Flaherty


  • At age 32, Earl is the second oldest member of the hunters.


  • Sniper Rifle
  • Machete 

Fighting Tatics:

  • He will use a sniper rifle if Chuck is distant and a machete if Chuck is close to him.
  • Climb to his position, attack him with a fast weapon (the Spiked Bat is a good choice) and dodge his knife attacks with jumps.
  • Hiding under him and using Power Guitar to attack him is also effective and safer since Chuck will not be in his line of fire.

Johnny James 


  • At age 22, Johnny is the fourth oldest and youngest member of the hunters.


  • Sniper Rifle 
  • Bowie Knife

Fighting Tatics:

  • Johnny is extremely deadly with a sniper rifle and should be dealt with carefully if attempted to be fought using long distance weapons.
  • Up close in melee combat, he will use a bowie knife and is quick.
  • Chuck can take down Johnny using a quick melee weapon or a firearm from a far.

Overall Tatics for All the Hunters 

  • The militia men must be taken out in the following order. The other men will not appear until the previous one has been killed: 
    • 1-2. Earl Flaherty / Johnny James
    • 3. Derrick Duggan
    • 4. Deetz Hartman
  • Earl is the only one whose location does not force Chuck/Frank to zone out of the Silver Strip area. This should be kept in mind regarding item/vehicle respawn strategy.
  • Do not have survivors wait in Fortune Park as they can be killed in four shots.
  • Earl cannot be attacked by survivors since there is no way for them to reach him.
  • Moving diagonally will help dodge shots.
    • Only moving left or right has Chuck/Frank come to a stop before moving in a different direction. The stop can give the militia men enough time to fire a shot.
  • Gunfire can be avoided by using a melee weapon on the militia men. This causes them to use a machete instead.
  • A Rocket Launcher can also be used to quickly dispatch them.
  • If the player chooses to fight the militia men on their rooftop, the air conditioner units can be used for cover to heal up. The aforementioned firearms are also recommended.


  • The only weapons accurate enough to deal with them is the Six Shooter and Sniper Rifle. Each of the militia men will take about 19 rounds of a sniper rifle before falling, and will fire a shot in the amount of time it takes the player to get two rapid shots. Mixed Juices are strongly recommended for efficient healing.
  • Earl can be easily dealt with by taking cover behind the fountain lamp post between the Royal Flush Plaza and Fortune City Hotel while using a sniper rifle or Six Shooter.
  • Johnny and Derrick can be dealt with by making a rocket launcher in the maintenance room behind Hot Excitorama.


All of the dialogue takes place in the cutscene that sets up the mission. Following this, the hunters do not have any more lines but will yell generic threats to Chuck and whoever is with him during their individual fights.

Earl: Damn, man. It ain't no fun if they ain't running. I mean, I mean, where's the challenge? This ain't nearly as fun as border patrol.

Deetz: But we got a chance to be real patriots here, Earl. And get us some target practice! These so-called survivors, ha! Bunch of whiners let this thing happen. Letting zombies in, foreigners in, letting socialism in.

Derrick: Only way to git this country on track agin is clean it right up of all those pansies, floozies, bur-o-crats, liberals, and them half-ass conservatives too. This is a golden opportunity.

Deetz: Damn straight. We's infested in more ways that one. If you ain't with us, you're against us. We gotta clean this country up, one city at a time.

Derrick: That's as Amerikin as apple pie, that is. You know what we have to do, Earl? It's our duty to eliminate the threat to our country. Clean this place out completely. Start again, like the great deluge. Right idea, that.

Deetz: That's right. We do it cuz we love our country...

Derrick:... and cuz it's so much damn fun.

Earl: Damn, it feels good to be right! God bless America!

Derrick: Whoo hoo! Let's go huntin' boys!


  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the Sniper Rifles dropped by each of the militia men will respawn until 12am, October 2 (Duration = 120:00 Hours).
  • Earl Flaherty, Deetz Hartman, and Derrick Duggan all have the same death animation (stumble backward and fall on their backs) while Johnny James has his own. (Falls to his knees and then falls face down).
  • Similar to the Convicts, both are optional, unmarked cases.
    • The militia men are also similar to the Hall Family as both groups use scoped rifles to hunt and kill both zombies and humans. The milita men however, do this for sport, rather than survival.
      • All groups also do not have a cutscene when killed.
  • There are food and items that only appear in this mission.
  • A rare glitch can occur in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record where when you get to the Cinema Rooftop while Deetz is active, he will stand in one place and drop the weapon he is holding. He will have less health for some strange reason, and the weapon he drops is called "AK-47". The AK-47 does not fire. When aimed, Franks model will deform. If the weapon is dropped, it will fall through the floor. It has only been done in Sandbox mode and has not been encountered in Story mode.