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The Hunters are an elite group loyal to the Invasion Force and antagonists in the Extinctioners universe - each Hunter has a partner in the form of a "Tracker", a humanimal who has either been enslaved via a mind-collar or willingly joined the Invasion Force, usually these humanimals will have superhuman powers and are referred to as hybrids in-universe (much as the term "mutant" or "metahuman" is used in other works).

The Hunters are referred to as a group but are individuals with unique personalities and goals, though ultimately as part of the Invasion Force their ultimate responsibility is to prepare Alden for the return of humanity - just what this implies for the sentient races that now inhabit Alden (known as humanimals) is unknown but so far encounters with the Invasion Force have been hostile at best and borderline genocidal at worst.

Following Dr. Burden's alterations to the group all human members are now mutated to survive Alden's environment but has the side-effect of turning them into (for lack of better words) were-beasts.

The group are currently engaged in an aggressive plan to capture the escaped Warfare, as of Issue 19 - bringing the story ever closer to the inevitable war between the two factions.

Hunters Members

  • Bajer Blaquestrype (uniquely powerful non-human "Tracker" who works willingly with the Invaders in enslaving his own kind for benefits such as decent living quarters etc)
  • Farsight and Ashen Msaka
  • Harvest and Kanati
  • Lynx Wylde and Stalker (the resident "killers for hire" and psychopathic pair who take great delight in torture and death)
  • Seek and Shepherd
  • Spitfire and Dragon Lady
  • Trojan and Cupid
  • Eve Mahn (current bodyguard of Noah Adam Mahn)
  • Streak (resident speedster of the Invaders, named after the fact she goes so fast her "spots" seem to float around in the air (being a cheetah) )
  • Twister - she is one of the numerous "Trackers" who belong to Hunters, the group of terrorist slavers that works for the Human Invasion Force to hunt down and combat any resistance from "hybrids" (super-powered beings). Twister herself is not entirely willing in this fact, often wearing a mind-collar but her role still involves frequent conflict with the heroes of Alden as she works (willingly or not) with the Hunters - an elite group of humans that seek to prepare Alden for the return of humanity, via enslaving and killing the native species that have grown to inhabit the planet (which was once Earth, heavily altered by many centuries of non-human presence). Twister is an aerokinetic, able to command powerful wind to the extent she is often seen forming localized hurricanes and tornadoes - she can also use this power to glide via powerful gusts of wind.


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