The Hunters are supporting antagonists in Disney's 1983 live action film Never Cry Wolf. They are Rosie Little's henchmen.

They were portrayed by Tom Dahlgren and Walker Stuart.


As Tyler watches Ootek disappear in the distance, he follows the sound of gunshots to an encampment, where Rosie and the hunters roast caribou meat over a fire. Rosie is so glad to see Tyler, whom he expected to have died in the wilderness.

As Rosie and the hunters plan to conquer the arctic wilderness, a strong gust of wind picks their canopied table up off the ground and blows it into a nearby lake. Rosie tells the biologist of his plans to build a resort around a nearby hot spring, then offers to fly Tyler back to civilization. Noticing that the airplane is loaded with wolf pelts, Tyler refuses. Rosie is indifferent to Tyler’s outrage and promises to come back for him in the next few days.

Three days later, Tyler returns to his campsite, and finds George and Angeline's cubs alone in the den. Rosie's plane flies overhead and Tyler fires his rifle to dissuade the pilot. As Rosie flies away, Tyler hears a radio playing in a nearby shack and discovers Mike inside, preparing to travel north for the winter.

When Tyler asks about the missing wolves, Mike advises him to worry about his own survival, explaining that the slaughter of George and Angeline are a sad reality. Tyler realized that it was Mike who killed George and Angeline and Mike smiles as he invokes the phrase "survival of the fittest", displaying a new set of false teeth.


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