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|fullname = Hunters
|fullname = Hunters
|alias = None
|alias = None
|origin = The Last of Us
|origin = ''The Last of Us''
|foundation = Sometime between 2018 and 2033.
|foundation = Sometime between 2018 and 2033.
|headquarters = Somewhere in Pittsburgh
|headquarters = Somewhere in Pittsburgh

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If you can stand then you can fight! Anyone that refuses to fight with us will be banished. Anyone that supports the army will be made an example of. Tonight we put an end to this tyranny and start a new life for ourselves.
~ A rebel regarding the takeover of Pittsburgh, before they eventually became Hunters.

Hunters are antagonistic survivors (alongside with Cannibals and Bandits) in The Last of Us. As their names implies, they brutally kill anyone (including Joel and Ellie) entering their territory (referred tthem as "tourists") to steal their clothes, supplies, and food. They also appears in Factions MP where they opposes the Fireflies.


The Last of Us

Most likely between 2018 and 2033 in Pittsburgh, five years after the CBI, the rations ran low and the remainder of survivors joined the Hunters as they are impatient with the Federal Disaster Response Agency.

By 2033, Hunters begins to hunt down Henry and his brother Sam then Joel and Ellie. Later, when they find the quartor, the Hunters tried to kill them, only to be killed by them.

Factions MP

Hunters appears as one of a pair of playable factions in the multiplayer along with their opponent group, Fireflies to steal anything they need.


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