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Ah, my quarry has arrived. (Monkey screams in shock) No fear, Monkey. I, Huntor, the greatest hunter in the universe, am still very much alive.
~ Huntor introducing himself to Monkey.

Huntor is a minor antagonist in Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack. He is an intergalactic hunter who kidnapped Monkey to hunt him down in his private hunting ground.

He was voiced by the late Ed Gilbert in Dexter's Laboratory.



Huntor appears as a cat-like alien with a lion's face that has green eyes and a furry beard. His outfit and accent are that of an outback survivalist.

In Samurai Jack, his appearance is basically the same, except that his pupils are cat slits.


Huntor is extremely prideful in his reputation as the "greatest hunter in the universe", constantly seeking out great opponents to test his hunting skills, whether they be animals or sapient beings, though his favorite prey as always been great heroes. However, he often uses tactics that are unfair to his opponent, and when these tactics don't work, he flies into a vengeful rage, which led to his downfall.

In Samurai Jack, Huntor is seen to be more cowardly, as he ran off after seeing Jack's impressive skills.

Abilities and Powers

Huntor is an experienced hunter who has defeated several beings across the universe using his wits and tech. This was demonstrated in his fight with Monkey, where he utilized various weapons to counteract his powers, such as heat-seeking moisture missiles to extinguish his heat-vision, an "ampliphaser" to absorb and redirect his sonic sound attack, a force field that counteracts his energy field, a negative ion blaster to de-power said energy field, and "good old-fashioned lead" bullets for whenever he is vulnerable. For desperate measures, he wields a huge gun that is easily twice his length, complete with a massive scope, machine gun, missiles, and harpoon launcher.


Dexter's Laboratory

Huntor first appears in the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Huntor." He hires alien bounty hunters to capture Monkey and bring them to his home: a fortress next to a jungle that is housed within a force-field and rests atop an asteroid in space. Upon arrival, Huntor psyches out Monkey by posing as a head-mounted on the wall and then reveals himself to be alive, as well as "the greatest hunter in the universe". Huntor then explains that Monkey's reputation was well-known throughout the cosmos, and thus he wanted him to be his next hunt while showing his collection of heads he'd won off his previous adversaries, including other superheroes. When Monkey refuses his game, Huntor reveals that he had captured Agent Honeydew and the Commander and strung them over some ravenous alien bugs, threatening to drop them in if Monkey does not accept his challenge, leaving the simian with no other choice.

Huntor then launches Monkey into his jungle to be hunted. Monkey attempts to return to the fortress to save his friends, but Huntor stands in his way atop his mount, an elephant-like alien named Snorkdro, with several weapons in hand, and taunts Monkey to make the first move. After Monkey is defeated with devices made to counteract his powers, he is forced on the run, with Huntor giving chase on Snorkdro. Huntor tries to find him with his Monkey Emission Sensor (or MES), but loses him, making him throw the device at the ground, breaking it, and then moves along to find Monkey.

Seeing that his powers weren't going to help him fight Huntor, Monkey decides to rely on his natural skills and the environment around him. After gathering weapons and setting traps, he then makes a battle-cry that attracts Huntor to his direction. Huntor attempts to use his guns, but Monkey destroys them with a coconut and a yam respectively, making Huntor mad. He tries to pull out his pistol, but then Monkey then throws an alien mouse, scaring Snorkdro and causing Huntor to fall off and get buried in his own weapons. Further enraged, Huntor pulls out his biggest weapon and begins chasing Monkey on foot, swearing to have his head. After Monkey destroys the big gun with a log trap, Huntor gets even madder and lunges at Monkey, who steps away and lets Huntor get caught in a snare-trap that throws him into several tree branches and then the ground, making him dizzy and fall into a pit trap. He gets his shirt ripped off by one of the stakes in the pit trap, but manages to break his fall by clinging onto another one, only to get bitten on the butt by alien eels from the water below. This makes him jump and land near his fortress.

The exhausted Huntor is then captured by Monkey, who resumes using his powers again now that Huntor was disarmed. However, Huntor activates the self-destruct sequence that will destroy the entire asteroid within thirty seconds. As Monkey goes to free his friends, Huntor attempts to get to his escape ship but is recaptured by Monkey. The whole asteroid blows up, but Monkey was able to save his friends, the other animals, and Huntor from the explosion. Along the way back to Earth, Monkey drops Huntor on a passing planet, leaving him stranded. While on the planet, Huntor is then found by two giant alien hillbillies who decide to hunt him, forcing "the greatest hunter in the universe" on the run and dooming him to an ironic fate.

Samurai Jack

Huntor makes a cameo appearance in "Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack" along with his mount Snorkdro, who appears to be replaced with a robot facsimile (assuming the original was in fact a real creature). His gun also appears different from the dozens of weapons he wields in Dexter's Laboratory.

In the episode, Huntor is one of the very many bounty hunters attempting to collect the bounty on Jack's head placed by Aku. His first attempt involved shooting energy beams from his gun while riding Snorkdro. However, the beams are easily deflected by Jack's sword, one of which hitting him and knocking him to the ground. He then whistles, which commands Snorkdro to trample Jack, but the samurai simply raises his sword and slices Snorkdro's belly open, causing the robot to explode. Seeing how dangerous the samurai is, Huntor becomes scared of him, making a cat-like noise and running off much like he did at the end of the Dexter's Laboratory episode.



  • Huntor is a parody of Kraven, the Predator and General Zaroff.
  • Huntor shows a great resemblance to the Imakandi in both appearance and profession, but given their staunch differences, it's likely that they have no relation to one another.
  • In voice, goals, and behavior, he is very similar to Khyber from Ben 10, as both have an Australian accent, hunt many dangerous beasts and heroes, and have powers to counter the protagonist's abilities. Their plans also involve isolating the heroes in a forested area to hunt them. However, Khyber has shown himself to be for fore threatening, being able to surpass Ben 10's every move, get the better of him at every turn, and consistently be a major threat throughout many episodes. Huntor, meanwhile, was defeated in a single episode by a hero far weaker than Ben 10.


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