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Huracan is a member of the Rebel Army, who serves in the Allen Platoon and a playable character in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Fire Inhibition

Huracan is assigned to the Blaze Brigade and sent with Loretta to destroy a Real John that went rogue from the Amadeus Syndicate and posed a danger to a Rebel facility. They manage to destroy the rogue machine but also the facility alongside it. Having gotten the smell of rotten fish from the machine, the two leave to get rid the smell.

Guardians of Morden

Huracan and the rest of Allen Platoon fight off the Invaders when they attack the Rebel 7th base.

On the Bad Road

As Destrade was sparring with Conny, Huracan came in and told Destrade not to be so rough on Conny, as she's the new recruit brought in by Abigail.

After the Spiral Nokana exploded in front of Conny, Huracan and Destrade go to check up on her and find she had somehow survived the blast but has become mildly unconscious. Huracan suggests waking her up but Destrade refuses and states a member of Allen Platoon should conquer it themselves, which Huracan notes as rather brutal.

Mad Assault Crew

At a Rebel base, Huracan, Destrade and Conny were introduced to Nantes, a new recruit to the Allen Platoon. The four later head to the battlefield where they find with Allen taking on the Invaders all by himself. After Nantes fired her tank and engulfed the whole battlefield in an explosion, including Allen. After finding Allen, Destrade tells Huracan to take Allen to the infirmary, as Nantes' blast threw him to his final form. Huracan then asks what happened to Conny, to which Destrade points a fair distance away to an unconscious Conny.

Try Line 14th

While fighting against the Ptolemaic Army, Huracan and Destrade were confronted by Towa fighting for Caroline's sake. Huracan says she is impressed with Towa's mech, as it uses wind to power its attacks. Towa then admits that she is interested in the rouge train they have, to which Huracan admits she likes her honesty. Destrade then reminds her not to be too sympathetic in battle and the two resume fighting.

Despite Towa's mecha suit, Huracan manages to hit Towa with some of arrows, a few are able to damage her. However, Huracan then decides to withdraw, much to Destrade's surprise. Huracan explains that they have accumulated some Try Line coins, and that if they keep fighting, they'll be wasted as the Mini-Bata has also sustained some damage. Destrade is surprised by her decision, believing that she intends to pluck Towa off, but orders the Allen Platoon to withdraw anyway.

Another Story

False Peace

In her first introduction, Huracan joins the Rebel Army in exchange for them leaving her village alone. After she arrives, she is dueled by Destrade to test whether she is fit to fight alongside them. After neither are either to outmatch the other, Destrade and Huracan develop a mutual respect for each other.

Huracan and the Allen platoon then travel to a remote island to investigate rumors of a tribe being capable of controlling monsters and secure the Huge Hermit. After capturing the Huge Hermit and heading out, Destrade asks Huracan why she joined the Rebel Army, but Huracan does not answer.

My Hero

Huracan took part in an attack on the Regular Army's Metal Device Project laboratory to steal the project's equipment. They find the equipment on Ami and attempt to capture her but she manages to escape.

Several days later, Huracan battles Ami but soon retreats to lure her and Perche in. Huracan and Destrade then unleash the Hodumi+ on them and wound Perche, causing Ami to flee. Though Huracan is initially disappointed by Ami's retreat, Ami soon returns and defeats Destrade but during her fight against Huracan she ends up running out of power. Perche then shows with the Aikawa sisters and fights off Huracan before escaping with Ami.


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