The Huragok are a race of sentient biological supercomputers allied with the Covenant Empire and antagonists in the Halo series.



The Huragok were originally created by the Forerunners sometime prior to the first activation of the Halo Array. After the fall of Forerunner civilization, the Huragok hid inside Forerunner Dyson spheres until being found by the Covenant and admitted into their alliance.

Being creations of the Forerunners, the Huragok were given the task of excavating, unlocking and transporting Forerunner artifacts for the Covenant.

Human-Covenant War

The Huragok remained mostly neutral during the Human-Covenant War, not making a distinction between friend or foe. Being noncombatants Huragok were usually kept away from the battlefield, though some were rigged as to explode as suicide bombers.

After the war ended and the Covenant collapsed, the Huragok went on to join the UNSC, though others fled and continued to serve the Covenant Prophets.

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