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Hurricane Flozell is a crossover villain, who served as the antagonist of The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, and American Dad! crossover event, Night of the Hurricane. She is an anthropomorphic hurricane, who destroyed Stoolbend, Quahog, and Langley Falls with rain, thunder, and wind. Aside from physical damage done to people's homes, Flozell also managed to make the main families of all her victimized shows all go insane and turn against each other.


The Cleveland Show

In the episode "The Hurricane", it was announced on the news that a horrible, raging hurricane was approaching Stoolbend and everybody in town was urged to evacuate the city as soon as possible. It was also shown that this hurricane was alive and was called "Hurricane Flozell". Cleveland ignored the warnings to evacuate and urged his family to stay home so they could just party and have fun indoors, while waiting for the storm to blow over. However, this was a bad decision, as Hurricane Flozell's destruction only got worse outside, as she was destroying people's homes, flooding the streets, and uprooting trees, mailboxes, telephone poles, etc. At this time, another news announcement from Mayor Larry Box came on, where he profanely told everyone that if they didn't evacuate when they were told to, they should just stay home or else they were for sure going to die if they went outside. Donna regretted not leaving when she was told but Cleveland said that the only way to stop Hurricane Flozell would be to pray to God. Junior refused to join the family in prayer because he didn't believe in God and the family got mad at him and tried to convert him to their religion with a high-budget musical number but to no avail. After their musical number, everyone in the family was extremely hungry but they didn't have any food left. Having gone stir crazy from being in quarantine for so long, The Brown-Tubbs Family all grabbed some knives and got ready to kill Junior for food only to find that he had a bunch of food in his room. They accused him of hoarding it but Junior insisted he was just rationing it. Cleveland still demanded God to strike Junior down only to have Hurricane Flozell strike him down by blasting a tree branch with lightning, causing it to break and smash through the roof of the house, crushing him. The tree was too heavy to lift off so Donna tried to get everyone to pray for the tree to get lifted. Junior, however, set up a pulley system, which he used to lift the tree up and set Cleveland free. At this time, Hurricane Flozell had passed and went on to wreak havoc on Quahog.

Family Guy

In the episode "Seahorse Seashell Party", Hurricane Flozelle came to Quahog and knocked a satellite dish off the roof of The Griffin House, turning off the TV for The Griffin Family. Bored, and having nothing to do, The Griffins all just screwed around. Brian did shrooms upstairs and got crazy high, while Stewie tried to keep him sane. Meanwhile, Peter lashed out at Meg for making the nouse of opening a soda can, right after he just started singing an annoying song. Fed up with the abuse, Meg finally stood up to Peter and told him off for his idiocy. Lois got mad at Meg for insulting her husband and told her to knock it off, which got Meg to start lashing out at her too. Meg lashed out at Peter, Chris, and Lois for every bad thing they've ever done to her, which eventually made them all get mad and sad. Meanwhile, the drugs really got to Brian and made him go insane, hallucinating things and even led to him cutting off his ear. After Meg told off her whole family, they all turned against each other and stormed off. Meg felt bad about how dirty she did her family and Brian, while still under the influence of drugs, told Meg that she should let herself get abused by her family so that they hurt her instead of each other. Meg thought this was a good idea and went back to the other family members and apologized for how she acted, allowing for her to become the designated family lightning rod again.

American Dad!

In the episode "Hurricane!", Hurricane Flozell did the worst damage of all to Langley Falls, as she flooded the streets with so much water, that she lifted The Smith House off its foundation, sending them sailing down the road. Stan tried to stop the house by using an anchor but ended up flipping the house over, which ended up killing Roger's girlfriend on the chandelier. Hayley tried to open a window, allowing for a shark to break in and attack her. Later, a grizzly bear broke into the house too and caused even more damage. Eventually, Buckle saved everyone and although the house was a wreck, everyone in the family was okay and they survived, albeit majorly injured. Stan came out and witnessed all the major damage Hurricane Flozell had done to his neighborhood as well as all the other neighborhoods. Just then, Cleveland and Peter came out of their houses, which had landed right next to The Smith House, apparently also having been lifted off their foundations by Hurricane Flozelle. They all had a brief conversation and Stan ended the crossover by shooing Francine for no reason.


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