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Would you believe good, old fashioned revenge? To be honest, I don't care if you do. Wayne will suffer and you will not stop me.
~ Hush in Batman: Arkham City.
I only want what I deserve! Bruce Wayne had his riches handed to him on a plate. He never had to fight for anything in his life! Now bring me Wayne, or I'll destroy this tower and everything he stands for!
~ Hush in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Dr. Thomas Elliot, also known as Hush, is a minor antagonist in Batman: Arkham City, where he is the main antagonist of the side mission which involves finding a serial killer by investigating corpses with missing faces. He returns in Batman: Arkham Knight as the main antagonist of the Most Wanted mission Friend in Need, where he uses his new face to infiltrate Wayne Tower and steal Bruce Wayne's riches.

He is voiced by Kevin Conroy, who voices Bruce Wayne/Batman in the same series as well.



Thomas Elliot, was born with the rich Elliot family and was a childhood friend to Bruce Wayne. He also looked up to Bruce's father and gifted surgeon, Thomas Wayne, who he was likely named after.

However, Thomas was a born sociopath who was willing to do whatever it took to inherit the family fortune as soon as possible. To this end, he intentionally caused a car accident with his parents inside in the effort to kill them. But Thomas Wayne was able to perform a quick surgery, and while he was unable to save Elliot's father, his mother managed to survive, thus foiling his scheme. This made Elliot despise the Wayne family completely for denying him what he thought was rightfully his, including Bruce. Elliot's hatred grew even further when Bruce's parents were murdered, allowing him to inherit his family's wealth like he wanted to. Consumed by his greed, jealousy and revenge, Elliot swore to take everything that belongs to Bruce and destroy his life.

Thomas Elliot began studying surgery, and by the time he was an adult, he was one of the finest surgeons in the world. At some point, he took a job at Arkham Asylum, and was on the roster for the night shift in the medical bay. Some time before entering Arkham Cty, he began murdering people to steal their faces, so he could construct a perfect duplicate of Bruce Wayne's. These three murders earned him the nickname "Identity Thief" by the media. Sometime before the events of Arkham City, he was hired by Joker to perform the surgery that separated both Mister Hammer and Sickle in exchange for finances which funded his later surgeries.

Batman: Arkham City

In the Gotham Cathedral which is the location of the medical team in Arkham City, Batman sees a man with a bandaged face laying on a bed with a box in his hands. When Batman asks a nearby doctor about the man, the doctor claims that it is no inmate but a doctor as well. He claims that the place must have turned the man mad and that they realized too late. He claims that the man stole painkillers and then cut off his own face. He says as well that no one knows what's inside the box he is holding, as no one could pry it lose. When the player waits long enough, he can hear the bandage faced man, who is in truth Thomas Elliot, mutter "Wayne". When Batman returns to the cathedral again, Elliot is gone.

During the game, Batman can find three victims of Elliot who have been dumped in the city. Each time he talks to witnesses they claim that the murderer was Bruce Wayne, which Batman of course does not believe. When talking to the last witness, believing that he was the murderer, the inmate instead tells him that Bruce Wayne told him to dump the body and tells Batman where to find him. Batman locates Hush's hideout and searches for evidence. While he listens to an audiotape in which Elliot reveals what he has done, the doctor himself arrives and traps Batman. Hush then removes the bandages around his head and reveals his new face; planning to seek vengeance against Bruce by committing crimes with this new disguise. Claiming that Batman has enough to do at Arkham City, Hush tells him that he will leave Batman alone for this time, but claims that he will not be so generous if their paths cross again. Hush then leaves the building and flees from Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Thomas Elliot takes Lucius Fox hostage.

Remaining behind during Scarecrow's attack, Hush infiltrates Wayne Tower, gaining access to Lucius Fox's office on the top floor. After failing to gain access to a computer due to security protocols he didn't expect, Elliott takes Fox hostage and uses his retina to access the Wayne Enterprises mainframe. He then proceeds to transfer Wayne Enterprises funds to his own account.

Before he can do more, Batman enters the room. With Fox as his hostage, Elliott demands that Batman finds Bruce Wayne and brings him before him, planning to kill Wayne. After a brief discussion about Hush's motives, Batman removes his mask and reveals his identity to Hush. Shocked, Hush gets edgy and attempts to shoot Batman, but Batman disarms him in the split second before Elliot can do so. Fox then assaults Elliot with a vase. A distraught Elliot clutches his now scarred face before Batman lifts him in the air and smashes him through him through Fox's desk, thereby knocking Elliot out. Knowing he cannot deliver Hush to the G.C.P.D. without putting himself under investigation, Batman instructs Fox to lock the unconscious Elliott in the vault under the building.



Arkham City

Arkham Knight


Batman: Arkham City

This is the journal of Dr. Thomas Elliot. My work is complete. The pain, though still present, has been worth it. He will suffer for what he did to me. He will suffer the way I've suffered. As I look in the mirror, I understand how Leonardo felt when he finished the Mona Lisa, how Michelangelo felt when David was complete. My work has taken too long, but now it's time for my masterpiece to be unveiled. My new face is ready.
~ Hush's entry in his journal.
Hush: "I couldn't have put it better myself. I take it you're here to stop me?"
Batman: "What do you think?"
Hush: "I think you're too late."
Batman: "You're a killer. A psychopath. I will stop you."
Hush: "Really?"
Batman: "But... you look... just like..."
Hush: "Bruce Wayne? It took time, of course, to find the perfect donors. To graft on the flesh and, finally, to lose myself in order to create... this."
Batman: "Six people died."
Hush: "Unfortunate but necessary to complete my plan."
Batman: "Why?"
Hush: "Would you believe good, old fashioned revenge? To be honest, I don't care if you do. Wayne will suffer and you will not stop me. I can see you have your hands full with Arkham City, but it's time for me to leave now. Pray we do not meet again. Next time, I will not be in such a generous mood."
~ Hush and Batman's first conversation.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Don't worry. This will be over soon.
~ Hush pretending to be Bruce Wayne to Clara Saberton.
So, I finally have your attention. Come and join the party. If you try anything stupid, Wayne Enterprises will be looking for a new CEO.
~ Hush to Batman on the video screen.
Batman: "Let him go!"
Hush: "We're just negotiating, aren't we Mister Fox? I have a job for you, Batman. Bring me Bruce Wayne or I bring down this tower."
Batman: "Why Wayne? The two of you were friends."
Hush: "That brat's family destroyed me, and now I will destroy him."
Batman: "The Waynes stood by you."
Hush: "Ah yes. The great surgeon Thomas Wayne. To think he was once my idol. Until he ruined everything."
Batman: "He did all he could to save your parents after the crash. I'm sorry you lost your father, but he did save your mother's life-"
Hush: "He denied me what was rightfully mine!"
Batman: "The car crash wasn't an accident. It was you. You wanted to kill them."
Hush: "I only want what I deserve! Bruce Wayne had his riches handed to him on a plate. He never had to fight for anything in his life! Now bring me Wayne, or I'll destroy this tower and everything he stands for!
~ Hush to Batman while holding Lucius hostage.
Bruce... that's impossible. I should've known.
~ Hush after discovering Batman is Bruce.
Stay back. I'll kill him. I'll do it!
~ Hush before eventually pointing the gun to Batman.
My face!
~ Hush after Lucius scars him.

Game Over scenes

Everything you are, everything you have. It's mine, Bruce. All mine.
~ Hush if he kills Batman
Too bad, Lucius, I could've used a man of your talents.
~ Hush if he kills Lucius



  • Although not appearing in Batman: Arkham Asylum, a timetable in the Surgery room in the Medical Center shows Thomas Elliot's name and that he is down for two shifts. Scanning it will unlock Hush's character bio.
    • Hush's biography in Arkham Asylum appears to imply he is already a supervillain and been defeated by Batman before, however he doesn't become a villain until the sequel Arkham City. It is possible the biography was only for the gamer's benefit and to give them background information on the comic book character.
  • He is playable at the start of Hush's Most Wanted mission where the player must guide him into Lucius Fox's office and try to get into the computer, and then assault Lucius.
  • Although called Hush in the character bios and listed with that name in subtitles, he is never called that in dialogue, instead he is identified as the Identity Thief.
  • In Batman: Arkham Origins newspaper clippings show headlines about the Identity Thief killings. This is merely just recycled props, rather than indicating that Thomas Elliot had been killing for facial parts in Batman's early crime fighting career.
  • Unlike his comic counterpart, Hush in this universe never realized that Bruce Wayne is Batman. When Batman reveals his identity to Hush in Arkham Knight, he is in disbelief and is angry for not working it out.
  • It is unknown if Hush's parents were abusive to him like in the original continuity. But since it was never brought up, it is most likely that they were actually good to him, and that his sole reason for murdering them was purely out of greed.


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