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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of the Hush from the Arrowverse. The mainstream version can be found here: Hush.

Do you know what it's like to have the villain of your story be the hero of your city? He is a monster, who left me anchored to a repulsive, gold-digging bitch, and now he's gonna die.
~ Tommy to Kate Kane.
~ Tommy's catchphrase.

Thomas "Tommy" Elliot, also known as Hush, is one of the secondary antagonists in the first season of Batwoman, a minor antagonist in the second season, and a mentioned antagonist in the third season.

Tommy is the ex-best friend of Bruce Wayne and a real estate mogul who boasts his easy charm and a friendly smile. And yet Tommy harbors a deadly chip on his shoulder, one which will put Kate Kane’s secret identity at risk. After being defeated and sent to Arkham, he eventually breaks out of Arkham with the help of Alice who removes his face and becomes Hush in order to become Bruce Wayne.

He is portrayed by Gabriel Mann. While disguised as Bruce Wayne, he was portrayed by Warren Christie who also portrayed Luther in Supernatural.


Early Years

Tommy Elliot was born on May 14, 1972 to an unnamed man and Marla Elliot in Gotham City. Tommy grew up a troubled youth with behavioral problems.

During Tommy's childhood, he befriended Bruce Wayne and developed an unhealthy obsession of him. In 1984, Tommy started to experience mental problems, which started to show when he attempted to murder his mother with a pair of scissors in attempt to become an orphan like his best friend, Bruce. She ended up permanently scarred from the incident, which gave her the incentive to create the Black Glove Society as a way to 'fix' troubled kids like Tommy.

In 2005, his parents got in a car accident (which was implied to have been caused by him), killing his dad, but his mom was saved by Batman which left him tethered to her for 10 years while he plotted his revenge on Batman.

Return to Gotham

In 2018, Tommy returned to Gotham, believing Bruce returned, reliving to Kate at a party that he knows Bruce is Batman and has planted bombs on three elevators, blowing up one of them. He is eventually stopped by Kate as Batwoman and Alice, where is sent to Arkham Asylum.

Life in Arkham

In 2020, while still locked up in Arkham, Tommy started to became insanely obsessed by Bruce, to the point to speak only about him. One day he interrupted a psychoanalytic session that Dr. M. Butler was having with his patients, insulting the other inmates, and yelling about deserving more recognition since he claimed to have taught Bruce everything he knew. Butler tried to calm him and have him change the topic but failed and ordered Tommy to be dragged away. Later, while they walk by each other in the corridor, Alice called Tommy a Bruce Wayne wannabe and, after he dared her to repeat it, she taunted him saying he will never be Bruce Wayne, ultimately leading an enraged Tommy to stab her. While Alice hid his weapon and burst out laughing asking for a doctor, Tommy was dragged away and sent in solitary.

Escape from Arkham

A few days later, Kate spoke to Tommy in prison, letting him know that she knew he killed Lucius for his journal. Not wanting to answer her questions, Tommy played insanity to get himself escorted out by security. Upon reaching his cell, he was surprised to see Alice inside it, then "Dr. Butler" arrived, informing him that his insanity plea was denied and Crows would arrive the following day to take him to trial, where he would most likely be executed. 

Alice then offered to help him escape Arkham and to give him a new face if he told her what was in the journal that Kate mentioned, with Dr. Butler revealing himself to be Mouse for good measure. Tommy relented and explained that the journal allegedly had a way to activate a fail-safe in the Batsuit that would kill the wearer. He also revealed to them that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Tommy then followed Mouse and Alice's escape plan and had his face removed and graphed onto a body double whom they pose in a suicide. Later on, Alice bandaged Tommy's head, telling him that he won't get a new face until they get the journal.

Tommy calls Johnny Sabatino about it; however, after a run-in with Batwoman, Johnny decided to sell it instead of giving it back to Tommy. Alice then summoned Magpie, giving her a tracker, agreeing to remove it once they got the book. After Magpie failed her mission, Tommy left without having his new face. However, he did not reveal to Alice and Mouse that the entire journal was written in code.


Tommy walked into a library with a gun in each hand; he and Mouse had a plan and something to prove. As a patron spoke upon seeing this armed, bandaged man, Tommy would shoot them. Finally, when he got to his target, Tommy put a gun to the man's head and told him to "hush".

Professor John Carr was taken to Arkham by Tommy. Mouse and Tommy believed that a linguist was better suited to translate the journal than Alice who believed that Luke Fox could translate his father's work. Spitefully though, Alice would only give the professor ninety minutes to do the work, all the while electrocuting him for inspiration. When Carr finally died, Alice was talked into giving Tommy's plan two more chances. Elliot then kidnapped an NSA agent named Tony Kim; he failed the ninety minute test also.For the third and final attempt before Alice's idea would be implemented, Tommy abducted Parker Torres, on Alice's recommendation. However, Batwoman intervened before he could get Parker to Arkham.

Therefore, Tommy struck out and Alice's idea was used, though Tommy knew that three abductions were making him too popular. He obtained Luke but also got Julia Pennyworth because she was with him. Julia became the leverage. Tommy watched, holding Luke and Julia at gunpoint, as Batwoman gave Alice a pair of eyeglasses that could translate the journal. He was ordered to release the prisoners. Later, he escaped Arkham when a mass prison break and fire occurred and began hiding in the sewers with Alice and Mouse. After Alice kills Mouse, she creates a new face for Elliot : the face of Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne

After Kate Kane goes missing as the plane she was in crashes, Tommy returns to Wayne Enterprises disguised as his hated friend, managing to fool Mary Hamilton and Luke Fox, who shows him the Batcave and gives him a piece of Kryptonite, that can penetrate the Batsuit. Learning that a homeless woman named Ryan Wilder took the Batsuit, Tommy plans to get it back and become the Batman.

As he starts enjoying the life of Bruce Wayne, sleeping with two girls, Tommy is confronted by Alice, who has become even more mentally unstable after her plan to get revenge on Kate is foiled due to her apparent death. After she kills one of the girls Tommy slept with, he realises that not only has she fulfilled her purpose but also is a problem now. So, Tommy goes to the Crows Headquarters and tells Commander Kane the location of his deranged daughter in order to get rid of her (which ultimately fails). On his way out, Tommy meets Julia Pennyworth who discovers his real identity after Tommy fails to recognise Alfred, her father and Bruce's guardian by his codename, The Eagle, which was given to him by Bruce and also doesn't bat an eyelid when she says he's still in his cottage in Glasgow, while he actually lives in a flat in London. Julia informes Luke and Mary.

Tommy then returns to the Batcave and using a glue grenade launcher, destroys some parts of the Batcave, until he finds what he is looking for which was the Batmobile. Using the supercar, he pursues Ryan Wilder in her van, who is being assisted by Luke and Mary. After a brief chase, Luke hacks and disables the Batmobile and Tommy, armed with a rifle containing the Kryptonite bullet confronts Wilder, who puts on the Batsuit. He shoots her with the bullet but she survives somehow and fights him. In an attempt to hit her, Tommy breaks the vase containing Wilder's beloved plant, enraging her as she slams him on the ground and repeatly punches his face until it literally falls off. Now, defeated and exposed, Tommy is returned to Arkham. It is unknown what face he is wearing now.


Tommy is extremely arrogant and snobby. He himself has demonstrated to care very little about others, often belittling and treating them poorly, including his family, employees and fellow inmates at Arkham. Tommy was also described as vilely misogynist, extremely vainglorious and very narcissistic, as demonstrated by having a massive nude painting of himself.

Tommy is mentally unstable to the point of lacking any form of logic; as he holds a grudge against Bruce for saving his mother's life, which prevented him from getting his inheritance, also stating that Batman ruined his life. However, despite this, Tommy later gained an obsessive admiration for Bruce, much to the chagrin of Bruce's cousin, Beth, as he keeps claiming to be Bruce's best friend despite having stolen a high-tech gun from him and unknowingly to Beth, tried to kill him with it. Tommy is also quite prone to anger and fits of rage whenever the situation went differently than he planned, becoming irrational, brash, hyper and a little spastic.

At Tommy's party, Kate asks Reagan to read Tommy for her and the blonde bartender described him by saying he's "danger, hazardous waste. Thinks he's doing us all a favor when he really just helps fund the laws that are separating our city".


  • His mention paying some to "riddle" him the identity of Batman is a reference to the Riddler who discovered Batman's identity and told Elliott in "Batman: Hush".
  • In the comics, Elliot was a talented surgeon and thus, could create the face of Bruce Wayne all by himself. In the series, he was turned into a real estate mogul and thus depended on fellow supervillain Alice for the disguise.


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