The Hybrid bear is a villain in the manga series Ginga Densetsu Weed.
He presumed to be a mix between a grizzly and a polar bear. However, this one was the largest of them, resembling the legendary bear, Akakabuto in size. It's colors are quite unusual as well, as the bear is rusty orange with white and dark markings.


He has a dreadful temper, killing everything living around him. The Hybrid bear enters the story after Weed's group has killed a minion of it, the Hybrid Grizzly bear. The Hybrid bear fights Weed and Joe's pack for a long time and kills off Liger, Jack, Guilder and a lot of other dogs in the packs. The dog pack fight the bear and the fight lead to a cliff edge. Below is a large river and a dam. They manage to push the bear over the edge twice, but both times the Hybrid bear climbs right back up and continues the fight. Exhaustion soon begins to show on the dogs, as they move slower and unorganized. As Weed gets caught and is about to be crushed by the bear, Weed's friend GB throws himself into the battle, cutting off one of the bear's toes. The Hybrid bear screams in pain and slices up GB's back, killing him.

Blinded by hatred and consumed by the wish of revenge, Weed arranges with Jerome and Joe a final attack on the monster. They hold the bear's head as Weed perform the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, cutting his way to the bear's skull with his teeth. The bear, Jerome and Weed all fall into the roaring river below.

The last seen of the Hybrid bear, was that it drowned in the water and got stuck in one of the lock chambers in the dam below.


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