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The Hydra, scourge of the Greek seas

The Hydra is a terrible sea monster that terrorized the seas of Greece and a boss from the video game God of War

Its vocal sound effects were provided by Michael Edward Johnson.


As Kratos was sailing to Athens, the fleet he was with was attacked by the Hydra. The Ghost of Sparta was assigned to destroy the monster by Poseidon, since it has been challenging his sovereignty by destroying ships and slaughtering ships. Kratos engaged the monster, fighting a few of its lesser heads before finding the main head, which kept all the others alive. This main head devoured the ship captain before attacking Kratos along with two more lesser heads.

Hydra King

The Hydra King

After the Ghost of Sparta defeated the lesser heads, he engaged the main head, impaling it on the ship's mast, finally defeating the monster.

Powers and Abilities

Due to being quite large (about the size of a small island), the Hydra possesses great strength.

The Hydra King

The main head keeps the smaller ones alive and regenerates them and, being a sea monster, it is perfectly at home in the ocean.


  • Though the Hydra does not appear in God of War II, there is a costume for Kratos called the Hydra Armor, which is stated to be made from its skin.
  • Strangely, even after defeating the main Hydra head, the player can backtrack and still see a head attacking a group of sailors.
  • In Greek mythology, only one Hydra existed, which lived in the Lerna Swamp. However the mythological version of Hercules slew the Hydra as one of his 12 labors and since the God of War version of Hercules performed these labors, it is unclear how he could have killed the Hydra if Kratos did it himself. It may be possible that the Hydra is not a single monster, instead there may be several Hydras existing as a species in the God of War series, similar to the Minotaur and the Cerberus.
  • The Hydra makes a cameo appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, representing the God of War half of the Ratchet & Clank stage Metropolis. Its three heads destroy the city in a downpour of rain, and Qwark is nearly eaten alive. Surprisingly, Qwark manages to subdue the beast in the final seconds of the match.


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