We are NOT men!
~ Hyena-Swine rejecting humanity.

Hyena-Swine is one of the antagonists of the 1996 sci-fi/horror film The Island Of Dr. Moreau.

He was portrayed by the late Daniel Rigney.


Hyena-Swine first appears at Lo-Mai's trial and death and finds the implant, in Lo-Mai's burned body and then takes out his own. Later he reveals to Dr. Montgomery that he's taken out his implant, which keeps them in submission. He then gathers a group of animal mutants and then they viciously attack and kill Dr. Moreau. Then Azazello asks if he can join them and they say he can if he takes them to more firearms and weapons. Hyena-Swine and his followers unleash all kinds of anarchy on the island including destroying the boat.

Then when Azazello brings Edward Douglas before Hyena-Swine and the rest of his henchmen, he says mockingly congratulate Azazello, and then shoot him to death. He then orders Douglas to say to all the animal mutants that he's God and then says for him to say he's God again and after Douglas says he's god and that they are all gods, Hyena-Swine says to Douglas for him to say to the rest of the animal mutants to obey him like they did the father and then Douglas says they destroyed the father and ate his flesh and who should they obey him or him, which confuses Hyena-Swine into shooting his own followers. The rest of the animal mutants attack Hyena-Swine saying he's killed the father and he dies in the burning building while screaming in anger, "Why! Why!".



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