Hyp is the main antagonist-turned-supporting character in The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving. He also reappears in the series finale of the Land Before Time TV series, The Great Egg Adventure where he returns as being a bully until he reformed again.

He is voiced by Whit Hertford in the third Land Before Time film and then he was voiced by Michael Kelley in the TV series of the same name. It is unknown why Hertford did not reprise his role as Hyp in the TV show.

Hyp is an adolescent hypsilophodon who lives in the Great Valley with his unnamed father. Hyp also appears to be the leader and boss of his two friends, Mutt and Nod.

It is unknown what happened to Hyp's mother since she never appeared in the Land Before Time movies or TV show episodes, so, that means she either died or got a divorce with Hyp's father. 


At first, Hyp was mean, bossy, rude, arrogant, angry and cruel and he also appeared to be an abusive bully but he later reforms at the end of the third film, as well as the TV show episode, The Great Egg Adventure. Hyp is also occasionally shown to be cowardly when he gets scared of things like Sharpteeth, sinking, a wasp, flying rocks, and even when his father gets angry.


In The Time of the Great Giving, Hyp is a silver dinosaur with a white belly, square white teeth and gold eyes. In the TV show, Hyp is gray and he has dark brown-gray eyes and triangle teeth.



  • Although Hyp, alongside his friends, Mutt and Nod, reformed at the end of the third film, the trio of bullies returned as bullies in the final episode of the Land Before Time TV show, but then they later reform again.
  • In a Land Before Time book called We Did It Together, Hyp's name is spelled "Hip".
  • Many thought of Hyp as the main antagonist of the movie due to having more screentime and has bullied Littlefoot and his friends throughout most of the film, but he is actually more of a misguided bully and he and his friends all redeem themselves in the end. The real main antagonists are the Fast Biters that appear in the climax of the film and are a bigger threat than Hyp and his cronies.


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