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Hello pathetic Tangiers! Meet my Hyper-Hornet! He is like the regular Hornet, just bigger and eviler!
~ Zurg representing Hyper-Hornet.

Hyper-Hornet is a giant replica of the normal Hornets from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoon. He is most notable for appearing in the 47th episode titled First Missions.


At the begging of the episode, Mira Nova and Booster Munchapper fighting against the Hornets army. As the fight goes on Mira Nova says that Buzz Lightyear taught her a quote: You never win, if you keep counting the reasons why you will lose. The scene changes into the past of her father watching television, as his daughter and his slaves tell him that he should join the Galactic Community, while he is denying the offer.

Eventually, Buzz Lightyears comes to the story, trying to make him change his decision, because he will get in safety from Zurg, which he took as a joke. It osculated to the point that Zurg actually entered the conversation, with Hyper-Hornet, ordering the Hyper-Hornet to caught her father and take him away.

The Hyper-Hornet placed her father inside of its self, locking him. As Buzz Lightyear appears, starting a battle against Hyper-Hornet. The battle ended with Hyper-Hornet punching Buzz Lightyear out of the building, as Mira Nova quickly filed towards Buzz, giving him a hand.

As Zurg sat on her father's throne, becoming the new leader. Quickly Mira Nova strikes again with Buzz battling against Hyper-Hornet. Mira Nova ran away, making the Hyper-Hornet follow her. Witch escalated in Buzz Lightyear wrapping a huge sticky duck tape around Hornet, destroying it.

Once destroyed, they found her father inside of his belly, taking him out, as Zurg comes from behind, hoping that they got defeated, but became extremely angry after realizing he lost. In the end, Mira Nova says her father joined the Galactic Community.



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