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Iron Man: "Hyperion, I've got a question for ya. Y'know, before ya... ya crush me and all. If Earth is such a crummy place, why call it home?"
Hyperion: "I chose Earth because it was weak, and in need of saving!"
Iron Man: "
Chose Earth? You're saying you've looked over your options and thought you could put yourself in top of the food chain here?"
~ Hyperion revealing his true reason for being in Earth to Iron Man before attacking him.

Hyperion is a major villain in Avengers Assemble. He first appears where he helps the Avengers into stopping some meteorites that used to be from a doomed planet with one of them being classified by J.A.R.V.I.S. as an "Earth-Killer."

He was voiced by Brian Bloom.


Then Hyperion crashes the Avengers' battle with Wrecker and defeats him. The Avengers encounter Hyperion in his citadel above the city where the Avengers claim that he is endangered series. Hyperion orders his computer Quagmire his history where he tried to stop the full corruption of his planet and failed.

Hyperion then hears of trouble on the bridge and heads there. The Avengers follow Hyperion where they find him trying to eliminate Wrecker (who Hyperion suspected of leaving town). The Avengers stop him from taking out Captain Marvel as he claims that the Avengers are like the problem on his planet.

He took out Hulk and Thor and damaged Falcon's flight pack until only Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow are left. Hyperion states that the humans are flaw until he discovers that the Avengers provided a diversion so that Iron Man can get into Captain Marvel's citadel. Hyperion confronts Iron Man and prepares to engage him.

When Iron Man asked why he chose Earth, Hyperion stated that he chose Earth so that he can offer them peace and order. With help from J.A.R.V.I.S., Iron Man showed him what happened to this planet and that Hyperion destroyed the planet when they wouldn't listen to him.

Iron Man states to Hyperion that Humans aren't perfect. Hawkeye fires a distraction arrow so that Thor and Hulk can take down Hyperion. Hyperion is then shown in a special cell stating that the Earth will soon need him again.

In the episode "Bring on the Bad Guys," the final scene showed that Red Skull and his Cabal have obtained the cell holding Hyperion as Red Skull frees him. As Hyperion wants vengeance on the Avengers, Red Skull invites Hyperion into the Cabal in exchange that Hyperion can trust him. In the episode "The Ambassador," Hyperion joins the Cabal into attacking Doctor Doom at the United Nations. The speaker in Doctor Doom's armor does perform a sound attack that gives Hyperion temporary hearing problems as he is attacked by the Avengers. After Doctor Doom was taken into Avengers Tower by Captain America, Hyperion and the rest of the Cabal retreats.

Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Flight
  • Heat Vision - Hyperion is capable of firing blasts of intense heat from his eyes that are strong enough to knock out both Hulk and Thor, his heat vision can also extend to a much greater amount to that of an atomic bomb.
  • Healing Factor - He can heal from small injuries instantaneously & larger injuries in several seconds. This also keeps him young eternally.
  • Invulnerability - Hyperion is impervious to physical attacks even to those of powerful beings such as Hulk and Thor. Hyperion as well is incapable of feeling any kind of pain from either biological or natural means such as diseases
  • Superhuman senses
  • Superhuman strength - Hyperion posses immense strength to that of a 1000+ class being.
  • Nuclear and solar energy absorbtion


This is your final WARNING! SURRENDER! Or next time, I won't miss!
~ Hyperion first revealing his ruthless extremist behavior by purposefully smashing a truck next to the Wrecker.
On my planet, life was far different from yours. However, it had the same challenges. Villainy, corruption, and war had grown like a cancer on the soul of my world. I tried my hardest to carve it out, but sadly, I failed. In the end, the corrupt people of my world wound up destroying themselves. There was nothing I could do. I barely escaped.
~ Hyperion lying to Avengers about his origin.
SILENCE! You had your chance of rehabilitation, villain! You're a stain on this planet's face that I will wipe off!
~ Hyperion attempting to kill the Wrecker.
Why are you stopping me? I thought we were on the same side.
~ Hyperion irritated at the Avengers not approving of his methods.
It was the same on my planet. If you're not part of the solution, You're part of the problem!
~ Hyperion to the Avengers after not letting him kill the Wrecker.
They didn't deserve me! They WOULDN'T listen! I tried to teach them right from wrong! They chose wrong!
~ Hyperion attempting to justify his his actions in the past.
~ Hyperion realizing that Iron Man has disrupted the stabilizers on his Citadel before attacking him.
(grunts) Release me! Mark my words. There will be a coming threat. There always is. And you will find yourselves in need of me! You'll see! I am Hyperion! I am--
~ Hyperion ranting while being inside his prison cell.
If you leave them alive, they'll come after us. They're beaten. Not broken.
~ Hyperion to the Red Skull about finishing off the Avengers
We have the upper hand now. We're honored, respected.
~ Hyperion to Nighthawk.
~ Hyperion blaming his defeat on Iron Man to Nighthawk, though the latter was not impressed.
We took out the leadership. The rest will fall.
~ Hyperion gloating to Falcon and the Avengers about his team's temporary defeat of Captain America and Iron Man.
HULK! There is no hiding from me, monster!
~ Hyperion boasting before being ambushed by Hulk.
Is that all you have? Let me show you--agh!
~ Hyperion gloating again about Hulk's ambush before being punched in the face by the Hulk for talking too much.
Thanks for the power boost, Nuke. LET ME SHOW THE AVENGERS WHAT I CAN DO WITH IT!
~ Hyperion after absorbing his teammate Nuke's powers before setting forth to destroy the Earth.
Avengers, you have done nothing more than leap into your own graves!
~ Hyperion to the Avengers when they confront him.
~ Hyperion gloating to the Avengers in their last battle.
Aah! Get them off of me! Aaagh! Argh! AARGH!!
~ Hyperion screaming in defeat as he was surrounded by the ants summoned by Ant-Man.



  • The original Hyperion is an obvious imitation (as well as homage) of DC's Superman, only darker.
  • This version of Hyperion was based of his Earth-616 counterpart from the Squadron Sinister
  • When Hyperion asked Quagmire to pull up file e-712 this was a reference to the original Squadron Supreme members' home universe in which they are good


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