Glory with the moon. Mercy on the Earth.
~ Hyperion

The Hyperion UCS Mk.XII is the main antagonist of the videogame Einhander. It is the leader of the Moon nation of Selene and is responsible for the Moon Wars.


After World War III, the lunar city of Selene was created in the south pole of the Moon. Selene had begun lacking resources, so they began attacking Earth for control of more resources. At the time, the Einhander project was being developed. Soon after, on December 12, 2245, the player was sent to Earth in one of the Einhander fighters. After fighting through the Earth capital of Gesetz (German for Law, the capital was named Sodom after the sinful city in the Japanese version), and eventually destroying Earth's final weapon, the Schwarzgeist (Black Ghost), the Hyperion congratulates the player for his/her outstanding work and announces that they will be terminated by the new EOS project, then proceeds to execute the player, but the player manages to escape. In a brief soliloquy, the player begins to question why the war began in the first place, and why must he be terminated by an ally as he had survived the intense gunfire from his former comrades. The player then declares that the war was purposeless to begin with, or rather, war itself was the purpose. One month later, Hyperion announces that the player is committing a major act of treason, then it orders the player to remove his/her armament promptly, then surrender. The player then flies off in his/her fighter and engages the EOS fighters and the Hyperion itself. After a lengthy battle, Hyperion is destroyed and explodes in the Earth's atmosphere, then the player flies off to the nation of Selene and proceeds to destroy all of them, the stinger scene after the credits revealing that the player had won the battle and defeated all of Selene in the process.

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