I have not feelings about humans. Just will destroy you until become dust
~ Hyperion about the humans

Hyperion was one of the four primary class pallasites. He is not a human. As a pallasite, He has the time control and other powers, depends on his weapon (sword) and without it, the distortions made by him disappear.


Unlike Gallia (is interested in judges the humans) and Aegaeon (is interested in studies the humans), Hyperion has no feelings and desires on the humans, so, his existence is unnecessary, ergo, Hyperion when finds a human, kill him with no piety, because has no interest in his existence. So, he is the most evil of the four primay pallasites.

Hyperion also has no love in his friends. He never loved Pallas, didn't cares to death of Gallia and Aegaeon (according him, a strong warrior NEVER loses a battle, so, Aegeaon and Gallia are weak) and would kill Titan if he helped Pallas.



Hyperion followed Aegaeon and Gallia and observed Titan care of Pallas; he is a Saturn servant.


When Aegir almost lost the battle against Genbu, Hyperion lends his sword to him, to help him attacks Pallaestra. But, the weakness of Aegir allows Genbu hurts his sword, Hyperion bring it to his hand again, and leaves Aegir with no help. Aegir is almost killed by Genbu.

Pallas Belda

Hyperion knows Titan will betray Saturn, so, he goes kill bring Athena to Pallas and kill the servants of Athena (the saints) and after, will kill the servants of Pallas (Titan) to Athena or Pallas gets weak (one of they will die in the battle) to Hyperion to can kill one of the two goddesses. But, Shiryu, Fudou and Kiki usethe Athena Exclamation to break the sword of Hyperion (it just breaks because Genbu already injured it). But, Hyperion disappears and stays there, and when Kouga and the bronze saints arrives there, Hyperion appears.

Hyperion tries to kill the bronze saints with no piety, and Subaru with his secret godly cosmo, almost kill Hyperion. Hyperion gets angry and fear, and timestops Subaru in a wall. The bronze saints try saves Subaru and Hyperion gets surprised because they always wake up after his attacks; finally, the saints gets the Omega Cosmo and divin clothes and Eden breaks Hyperion's Chronotector (Destructiontector). Hyperion tries to kill the bronze saints with a suicide attack, but, with the godly power, Subaru escapes from the freeze and kill him.

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