A skilled hypnotist who can alter the perception of others.
~ The summary for the Hypnotist.

The Hypnotist is one of the evil roles from the mystery RPG game Town of Salem. It is a hypnotist who works for the Mafia.


Official Backstory

“The human mind is very… complicated, is it not?” a voice asked from the shadows of the room.

“What do you want from me?” the man in the chair yelled, soaked in sweat, with blood running down his cheek.

The shadowy figure emerged and wiped off the blood. It’s always important to make sure the client is relaxed before commencing with the process. The figure shushed the man in the chair.

“Everything will be okay.” the figure proclaimed.

“Everything will be okay.” the man replied before being sent off to the dream world.

The hypnotist snapped out of this side of himself. Turns out that if you know the right people, a degree in psychology can pay extremely well.

He went to the nearby Consigliere.

“Ya sure it was the blonde guy on the corner that killed Tommy?”

“Sure as I’ll ever be.” she replied, wiping the Sheriff’s blood off the rusted hammer.

The hypnotist returned to the Sheriff in the chair and gave him a firm slap across the jaw. He fell back into his medical side. This was so much more fun than working with those crazies in the asylum.

“Do you know that blonde man who lives three houses away from you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“He is a very bad man. He tried to hurt you tonight.”

The hypnotist knew that this was working. He was just thinking about how fun this would be to do on the Mayor. All that power manipulated with a few simple words.

He took out his pocket watch and let it swing in front of the man's face.

“But we protected you. He tried to hurt you but we saved you.”

“You protected me and he tried to hurt me. I will tell the town and stop the man from hurting anyone else.”


The man silently took the Sheriff back to his house to sleep. The man knew who would hang tomorrow. The Godfather would be very pleased.

~ A backstory of Hypnotist that written by the users.

Town of Salem

The Hypnotist chooses a person every night. Hypnotizing somebody will generate a message that the target player sees on their screen;

  • You were transported to another location.
  • Someone occupied your night. You were role blocked!
  • You were attacked but someone fought off your attacker!
  • You were attacked but someone nursed you back to health!
  • ou feel a mystical power dominating you. You were controlled by a Witch!
  • You were poisoned. You will die tomorrow!
  • You were attacked but someone protected you!
  • You were poisoned but someone nursed you back to health!
  • Someone tried to poison you but someone fought off your attacker!
  • You triggered a trap!
  • You were attacked but a trap saved you!
  • A trap attacked you but someone nursed you back to health!

The Hypnotist can become a Mafioso when all Mafia Killing roles are dead.

Winning Conditions

The Hypnotist must eliminate the Town, the Coven and the Neutrals (except Survivor, Pirate, Executioner, Jester, Guardian Angel) to win.

Death Conditions

Hypnotist has no defense, so it can be killed by any role.

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: "Your target is suspicious."
  • Investigator: "Your target could be a Escort, Transporter, Consort, or Hypnotist."
  • Consigliere: "Your target is skilled at disrupting others. They must be a Hypnotist."


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Hypnotist;

  • On the Count of Three: Win 1 game.
  • Now Go to Sleep: Win 5 games.
  • Entranced: Win 10 games.
  • Mesmerized: Win 25 games.
  • Cluck Like a Chicken: Hypnotize 5 people in a game.
  • Look Away: Hypnotize a fellow Mafia member.
  • You were confused: Hypnotize yourself.



  • The Hypnotist (initially named Drug Dealer) was added into the game as a result of the Testing Grounds.


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