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Hi there, I'm Blitzo (the O is silent), and I'm the founder of I.M.P! Are you a piece of s--t who got yourself sent to Hell? Or are you an innocent soul who got F--KED over by someone else!? (Demon: After lovingly killing my wife for f--king a delivery man, you can imagine my surprise when I wound up here, after the state of Ohio killed me. I really wish I could stick it to that yappy jogger who saw me hiding the body!) Well luckily for you, thanks to our company's special access to the living world, we can help you take care of your unfinished business by taking out anyone who screwed you over when you were alive!
~ Blitzo discussing the business organization

♪ When you want somebody gone,
And you don't want to wait too long,
Call the Immediate Murder Professionals!
Hand grenade or cyanide,
We'll make it look like suicide!
The Immediate Murder Professionals!
We do our job so well!
Because we come straight up from Hell!
We'll kill your husband or your wife,
We'll even let you keep the knife!
We're the Immediate... Murder... Profession-
Kids die for free! ♪

~ Theme Song to I.M.P, which was botched at the last second by Moxxie.

The I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals) are the main protagonist villains of the animated webseries Helluva Boss, which is set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel, both created by Vivienne Medrano/Vivziepop. Unlike the cast of Hazbin Hotel, however, I.M.P are proudly evil demons and set to make a profit on their already violent nature by selling themselves out as killers for hire in the human world.


I.M.P were formed by Blitzo, who managed to secure a means to enter Earth via taking Stolas' book - however in order to do this he had to first sleep with the overlord, this has been shown to haunt Blitzo in more ways than one as Stolas has now become somewhat of a clingy, threatening "client".

Blitzo's company comprises of himself and two other imps known as Moxxie and Millie, as well as his hellhound adoptive daughter and secretary, Loona - all of them argue and bicker, though Blitzo sees them as a family rather than a true business (however this is also used to justify his neglectful and unprofessional mannerisms).

While highly trained killers I.M.P are still by very nature chaotic and thus often get into absurd situations, such as when they accidentally sniped a child - this is also when the audience sees that I.M.P have a strange ethics system despite being clearly evil characters, since they promptly took the child to the hospital afterwards, saving his life, though they also got kicked out after Blitzo revealed he had no insurance (nor any concept of what insurance even was): the group would keep the child in their office, despite this, these efforts to save the child quickly changes however when they are informed that he was indeed their target all along and Blitzo promptly shot him, praising that "there is a God after all".



  • Eddie
  • Martha (victims)
  • Ralphie (victims)
  • Martha's unnamed children (victims)
  • Robo Fizz (enimie, destroyed, at least one of them)
  • Verosika Mayday (rival)
  • Verosika's Crew (rival)
  • The Fourth Wall (possibly: except for Loona likely)
  • C.H.E.R.U.B (antagonists)
  • Striker (arch-Nemesis)
  • Stella (true arch-Nemesis)
  • Agent One and Two (possible future archenemies)






  • I.M.P is obviously a pun of "imp" - which are a type of demonic Familiar from real-world folklore, in the show's canon imps are seen as the lowest in demon society.
  • It seems that I.M.P also has comparable names with the city known as "Imp City" possibly being that the organization may have likely had some inspiration for having the name acronym that spells out I.M.P.
  • Unlike most of the cast in Hazbin Hotel most of the main cast in "Helluva Boss" so far would be considered to be "natives" of Hell - making them true demons.


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