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Expertly done, 47. Expertly f-cking done.
~ Jiao admitting defeat if Agent 47 eliminated all of the ICA Agents.

The ICA Agents are the name for a hit squad consisting of twelve agents who work for the International Contract Agency, led by their handler Jiao, and are minor antagonists in HITMAN III, appearing as the targets of its third mission "Apex Predator".


After the ICA discovered that Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood had betrayed them and defected to working with Lucas Grey and Olivia Hall, they sent agents out to kill all four. After Grey committed suicide to avoid being captured by CICADA mercenaries sent by Arthur Edwards and Burnwood disappeared, they tracked down Hall in Berlin. Twelve ICA agents, led by Agent Montgomery and supervised by their handler Jiao, were sent to find and assassinate Hall. Hall managed to fight off and kill one of them and flee.

When Agent 47 arrived to rescue Hall, the agents were ordered to kill him as well. However, after 47 was able to kill five of them, Jiao ordered a retreat. On the other hand, 47 can kill the entire squad, especially those that attempt to retreat if five of any of the agents were killed.

Soon after, Agent 47 leaked all of the ICA's data out to the public. Jiao and what remained of the agents (if only five of them were killed, rather than the whole squad) were presumably either killed or arrested and imprisoned.


Agent Montgomery

Agent Robert Montgomery is the leader of the ICA hit squad. He can be seen disguised as the Head of Security, accompanied by another non-ICA guard. He patrols around the club, asking staff for any information regarding Agent 47. He carries a DAK DTI. Killing him grants "The Leader" as a challenge.

During the mission, it is revealed that the owner of Club Hölle, Rolf Hirschmüller, is planning to meet Agent Montgomery. If Agent 47 grabs his disguise, he can arrange the meeting. Agent Montgomery sees through the disguise, and decides to bring four other Agents for an ambush. After confronting Agent 47, he will monologue before engaging in a firefight.

Agent Banner

Agent Banner is an agent led by Agent Montgomery. He can be seen disguised as tech, overlooking the dance floor on a walkway, regularly visited by Agent Montgomery. He carries a DAK DTI and Lethal Syringe. Killing him grants 'The Wall' as a challenge. He is one of five ICA Agents to confront Agent 47 in Hirschmüller's office.

During the mission, it is revealed that the light setup for the tree is poorly made, and Agent 47 could sabotage it. Later, he can disguise himself as one of the DJ's, and deliver a climax, killing Agent Banner, and possibly Agent Montgomery via electrocution.

Agent Tremaine

Agent Tremaine is an agent led by Agent Montgomery. He can be seen disguised as a biker, in the upper floors of the biker hangout, where he will be drinking, dis-assembling and re-assembling a handgun, smoking, and looking for Agent 47 with a pair of binoculars. He carries an ICA SMG Raptor Covert, a Bartoli Woodsman Hunting rifle, and the key to the Radio Tower. Killing him grants "The Sniper" as a challenge.

If Agent 47 triggers the alarms on the tower or gets spotted, Agent Tremaine will ready his Sniper and try to take him out from afar, sending two ordinary guards in the process. From this point on, Agent Tremaine will open fire on 47 if he is spotted, regardless of distance.

Agent Thames

Agent Thames is an agent led by Agent Montgomery. He can be disguised as a Club Crew member, patrolling around the construction equipment. where he will occasionally come over to two guards and threaten them. He carries a DAK DTI and ICA Remote Audio Distraction MKIII. Killing him grants "The Professional" as a challenge.

Agent 47 can steal a fuse cell and power up the crane, and Agent Thames will reveal his weakness of distractions by investigating the light on the crane arm, unaware that he is standing right under the large cylinder, which Agent 47 can drop on him.

Agent Green

Agent Green is seen patrolling the club rooftop as a security guard.

Agent Rhodes

Agent Rhodes is seen wandering around the growhouse, he carries a jar of lethal pills with him.

Agent Swan

Agent Swan is an ICA agent seen patrolling around the juice bar, dressed as a civilian.

Agent Lowenthal

Agent Lowenthal is an ICA agent seen patrolling around the biker garage, 47 can kill him by poisoning his delivery food.

Agent Chamberlin

Agent Chamberlin is seen patrolling around the dancefloor, dressed as a security guard.

Agent Davenport

Agent Davenport is seen wandering around the club, searching for 47. He is also a new recruit for ICA.

Agent Price

Agent Price can be seen wandering in the forest. It is easy to sneak up on him and stealth take him down.


  • Agents Davenport and Swan were previously mentioned by Mark Faba as agents who failed to kill him and in the "Overachievers" side story as the ICA's second best hitmen.
  • The agents are the only armed targets in HITMAN III.
  • Jiao and the agents (except for Agent Montgomery) are only known by their surnames.
  • Due to all of the agents' fates being player-determined in "Apex Predator", they do not appear in one of the hallucinations from the final mission "Untouchable" where all of the main story targets that Agent 47 had killed throughout the World of Assassination trilogy crowd the latter.


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