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My, my. What have we here? You some kind of jungle man?
~ Ian McTeague

Ian McTeague is a corrupt and greedy businessman and an antagonist from The Legend of Tarzan. He appears in part two of the episode "Tarzan and the Poisoned River", in which he serves as the main antagonist.

He was voiced by the late Charles Napier.


Ian McTeague started up an illegal mining operation near the mountain, where he and his men believe that there is gold for them to dig. As they do so, they use the water from the river to irrigate their operation, where they separate the dirt from ore with chemcials, which are then later spilled out into the rest of the river heading towards the jungle. Because of this, it has caused a plague among the animals drinking it (even Tantor almost fell victim to it). Even the Waziri tribe fell victim to the plague, as they used the river for their crops and traveling.

Needless to say, McTeague was so greedy for finding gold that he did not care at all about the toxicity of the chemicals and continued dumping them into the river, as he still just wants to be rich.

Upon learning about the mine, Tarzan and his friends ally with the Waziri tribe to build a dam to block the river and then collapse the dam to have the speeding water destroy the whole mine for good, leaving the river fresh and clean again.

McTeague's men are defeated and routed, but McTeague angrily swears revenge against Tarzan and the Waziri tribe. However, Basuli and Tarzan roar like lions or leopards, which intimidates McTeague into running away and catching up with his men.

Despite his claims of seeking revenge, McTeague is never seen again in the series.


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