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"When do I get my turn?".
~ Ian asking his associate Nathan Curtis when it is his turn to 'sleep' with Bethany Platt.

Ian Yardley is a fictional character of the British Soap Opera Coronation Street. He was a minor antagonist in 2017 who was associated with his friend Nathan Curtis as a member of his abusive sex ring, thus playing in a pivotal role amid a nation-gripping storyline of child grooming and sexual exploitation that surrounds on established character and Nathan's victim: Bethany Platt.

He is portrayed by Anthony Bowers.


Ian Yardley was known to be one of the members of an abusive sex ring led by his sinister friend and pimp lord: Nathan Curtis. He first appeared when Nathan introduced him and their associate Neil Clifton to his "fiancé, Bethany Platt.

Ian indirectly made clear of his interest in wanting to groom Bethany, particularly as Neil had recently do so. After a few months of preparation, Ian was eventually scheduled to groom Bethany - but this was foiled when Bethany's mother Sarah and her boyfriend Gary Windass rescued her from Nathan's clutches. Upon discovering this, Ian became outraged and left with the money that Nathan owed him. However, Bethany - having been deceived by Nathan - immediately returned to the flat and was rescheduled for the grooming. Nathan thereafter rearranged for Ian to appear at a party, and he seized his chance to rape Bethany with another two of Nathan's associates.

Though he took the joy in grooming Bethany after Nathan spent months preparing for this outcome, Ian was quickly forced into hiding when Sarah and Gary rushed to the rescue with the help of Sarah's brother David and Nathan's ex-girlfriend Shona Ramsey. He was reported to have been caught by the police by the time Nathan and Neil were both arrested as well. The three men stood on trial along with their associates. After Nathan and Neil both failed to justify their actions in court, Ian was found guilty of raping Bethany along with the duo.



  • The character Ian Yardley only made 9 appearances on the show.