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Ibn Kilbaba is an antagonist from Jungle Strike. He and Carlos Ortega blow up a small island with some nuclear weapons he had.

He delivers components to a drug lord named Carlos Ortega, and wants to get revenge on Washington D.C. for the death of his father. A chopper team is sent to stop them. Capturing a sniper who has a map to their jungle fortress, they attack the specific areas on the map.

As the chopper team opposes them, Ibn gets angry at Carlos Ortega for failing to stopping them from stealing his plutonium shipments and destroying the drug lord's submarine fleet.

In another cutscene, he has kidnapped some scientists and some troops. The two force the scientists to build weapons for them or they can die inside of the jungle pits.

Next they contact and strike a deal with a soviet general to obtain some rocket launchers from him and they ask him to oversee the opeerations and take down the helicopter pilot, but the general fails.

When things start falling apart for the two terrorists, the two seek to go into hiding by using special fortresses they had prepared. The drug lord goes to his villa and is captured in a speedboat and the madman goes to a reinforced steel bunker. The bunker seems indestructable but a explosives truck was nearby and the team uses it to destroy the bunker after making a hole inside. He tries to escape in a helicopter, but he too is caught and sent to Washington alongside the drug lord.

Eventually the chopper team takes the two the Washington D.C. justice court to stand trial for their crimes, but a small force frees them and cause havoc in the city. Ortega tries to escape in a tour bus but was stopped and Ibn is killed attempting to escape in a fuel truck. After both are defeated the chopper team stop a missile shipment from destroying the White House, eliminating the last of the drug lord's terrorist forces and putting and end to their plans for good.

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