Sheikh Ibrahim Bin-Khalid is the main antagonist of the series 24: Legacy. He is the father of Jadalla Bin-Khalid and an international terrorist leader and the founder and supreme leader of a major terrorist organization as well as other sleeper cells.

He was portrayed by Eli Danker.


Bin-Khalid was responsible for a mission by the United States Army Rangers to capture Bin-Khalid at his compound in Yemen. During the mission, one of the team members, Ben Grimes, reported to proceed with the capture, but then lost communication with Grimes for around a minute.


Ibrahim Bin-Khalid was nothing more or less than a pure arrogant and chaotic megalomaniac, who only wanted to have the terrorism itself ruling the world by committing series of destructive and apocalyptic terrorist attacks worldwide via activating the sleeper cells of his organisation. He saw himself as something that belongs to the God, and thus sought to cause the terrorism being globalized.

In addition, he is a sadistic psychopath who enjoyed killing people and wreaking havoc, chaos and destruction with his attacks and his organisation with a very big lack of remorse. More than that, he was also an egotist, who always thought on himself, and cared less of the members of his organisation. However, despite his chaotic and psychotic personality, Ibrahim always had a great love and fanning towards his son.

Khalid was also shown to be a master manipulator, as he always managed to play with the minds of the US governemntal agents.


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