The Ibur Gang are a group of thieves, who are relatives of their own family as well, and they act as minor antagonists in Ys V, stalking the hero Adol during his journey.

Adol first runs into them in the forest, where the younger daughter Terra plays a distressed damsel, while her two brothers pretend to beat her up to claim a debt she owes them. Adol intervenes, only to be forced to fight a beast. As Adol defeats it, the group reveals themselves and mock Adol before leaving. They meet again when Adol finds the water Crystal, as they steal the crystal and run away. They are all captured and imprisoned by Dorman, who's been seeking the crystals, but they give him a fake one.

When Dorman captures Adol and attempts to use the crystals to summon the lost city of Kefin, the gang, which had escaped from Dorman's prison, rescue Adol and become his ally, helping him inside Kefin, but they end captured by Jabir to serve as sacrifices for the Philosopher's Stone. Adol rescues them and defeats Jabir, causing the lost city to disappear, but everyone manages to escape. The gang leave their evil ways behind after this.


  • Alga: The leader of the gang and mother of the whole group.
  • Nottis and Dios: The two older brothers, they act as the group's enforcers.
  • Terra: The younger daughter, she acts as a decoy for the others. She later reappears in Ys VI as a grown teenager.


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