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IceLeomon (also called Panjyamon) is a minor villain in the TV show, Digimon Frontier. He is the minion of Sakkakumon.


IceLeomon has the same appearance as Leomon, the only difference is that his skin color is snow white, and he's an Ultimate Level Digimon, unlike the Champion Level Leomon.

Digimon Frontier

While Takuya was inside Sakkakumon, he encountered IceLeomon. He tried to convince IceLeomon that he was being controlled but he did not believe him. Takuya then Digivolve into Agunimon and fought IceLeomon. Since Agunimon is a Fire Digimon, and IceLeomon is an Ice Type Digimon, he almost easily defeated and purified IceLeomon.


  • Frozen Fury/The Fist of Ice
  • Blizzard Breath
  • Reikikou Hazan



  • IceLeomon's Champion form is Leomon
  • IceLeomon can Digivolve into either, Regulumon, or SaberLeomon
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