Ice Cream Truck

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The Ice Cream Truck is a minor antagonist in the 1986 comedy horror film Maximum Overdrive.


The Ice Cream Truck was brought to life by a UFO along with almost every machine on the planet, including the Happy Toyz Truck, the Vending Machine and the M274 Mule. It first appeared driving around town looking for humans to kill, when it came across Zeke Keller riding his bike and chased after him to try and run him down. It chased him round the area before finally losing him when he hid in a bush until it went away.

The truck's second appearance was near the end of the film, when it tried to attack a group of survivors and was shot with machine guns until it exploded.


  • The Ice Cream Truck is the second to last machine to be destroyed in the film.
  • Despite the fact that the Ice Cream Truck explodes, it is thrown out of the explosion completely intact.
  • The truck's canon name may be the My-T Tas-T truck, as that's what it says on the truck.
    • However, this may just be a slogan.
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