Labor Daze
It's like trying to freeze a refrigerator!
~ Escargoon • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

The Ice Dragon Robot, appearing in the episode Labor Daze, is not a monster made by Nightmare Enterprises. In fact it is not a monster at all, although it resembles the Ice Dragon monster. The robot is made in the episode Labor Daze in the factory. While everyone worked there, Tiff applied for a job and took Tuff and Kirby to see what the factory is making. They find out it is a giant Ice Dragon Robot that they were building. Tuff is so mad he helped manufacture that thing he ran over to a wrecking ball and swung it towards the robot. It hits it but doesn't do much. The robot freezes it, although Tuff somehow escapes. They run to the place where everyone is "playing" and show everyone the Ice Dragon Robot. Everyone escapes while Kirby tries to freeze it with Ice Kirby. It does no good, as it is an Ice Dragon Robot. Kirby freezes the boiler and sets the factory on fire. The robot blows up the factory and they no longer have acid rain.

Physical Appearance

The Ice Dragon Robot is very identical in appearance to the Ice Dragon monster, but fully mechanical and with no tongue. It has a cockpit in its head where King Dedede and Escargoon control it from, and has Dedede's "Peace" symbol on its chest. It blows a different ice breath than the regular Ice Dragon, and uses different roars, too.


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