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Ice Man is one of the six robot master and bosses in the videogame Mega Man. He was originally built to preform task in extreme climate conditions, but was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily in his quest to take over the world. His signature weapon is the Ice Slash, which is a sharp ice blade that can freeze anything. Ice Man is self-centered at times and likes to show-off in front of people, but does deeply care about his friends. As his name suggest, he loves anything that is snow related and dislike anything that is heat related.

Ice Man will jump around shooting 3 Ice Slashers at a time during his boss battle. One at high, one at the middle, and one when he lands. Because of this, Mega Man must time his jumps carefully. He will repeat the same pattern when he lands, but in a reverse order. His weakness is the Thunder Beam and defeating him grants Mega Man the Ice Slasher.

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