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The Ice Warriors (also known as Martians or Ice Lords) are one of the many recurring alien species encountered in the television series Doctor Who. They first appeared as enemies of the Second Doctor in the 1967 serial "The Ice Warriors". They are warriors from planet Mars.


Despite the fact that they have primarily appeared as villains in the series, subsequent appearances have depicted Ice Warriors that have eschewed violence and even ally themselves with the Doctor.

In the their first appearance in the episode "Ice Warriors" the Ice warriors try to take over an Artic base on Earth but are thwarted by the second Doctor.

In "The Seeds of Death" the Ice Warriors are led by the Ice Lords who have thinner armor. It is revealed that the real leader in the Grand Marshall. They attempt to freeze Earth and lower the climate so they could live there and the humans would die out.

In the episode "Curse of Peladon" it is revealed that the Ice Warriors have renounced their evil past and have joined a galactic federation as peace keepers. They even team up with the Third Doctor.

In "The Monster of Peladon" the Ice Warriors are led by the Ice Lord Azaxyr. They are in the middle of a power struggle between the hierarchy of Peladon and the miner class. Azaxyr tells them that the miners have to work non stop and the king has to supply guard to watch them and kill them if they stop or refuse. When both sides refuse Azaxyr reveals that the Ice Warriors are holding a bunch of hostages and for every day they continue to refuse his ways and refuse to join the galactic federation they will kill one prisoner. He later went further by declaring marshal law and trying to take over the planet. However they are stopped by the Third Doctor.

The episode "Cold War" introduces Grand Marshal Skaldak. After being frozen in an ice cap for 5000 years he is uncovered by the Eleventh Doctor and Clara who are accompanying a group of Russian soldiers in a submarine. He is described as a legendary and feared warrior. When he finds out that the submarine has a nuclear missile he prepares to fire them. When the crew tried to subdue him however he was easily able to plow through them. He was also able to take off his armor and still control it, even when he wasn't in it. In the end an Ice Warrior ship came over Earth and retrieved him. The Doctor and the crew are able to stop the missiles in time.