Icemon are the minions of IceDevimon in Digimon Fusion.


They resemble Gotsumon, only difference is that Icemon is a Champion level Digimon and his skin color is ice blue. Contrary to their names, Icemon are humanoid Digimons with a body made of white rocks with tints of blue. They have yellow eyes and two rocks on its head that resemble bear ears. They possess three fingers on each hands and three toes on each feet.

Digimon Fusion

They first appeared along with their general, IceDevimon to attack Knightmon's castle and kidnap the princess, Beastmon. However they are fused with IceDevimon to become IceDevimon's Advanced Enchancement form. Their data was deleted after IceDevimon was defeated by Knightmon and PawnChessmon.
IceDevimon Enhancement Absorbent

IceDevimon Enhancement Absorbent or IceDevimon plus Icemon


  • Iceball Bomb
  • Ice Block
  • Ice Strike
  • Defensive Ray


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