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Since he's station in a snowy environment he wanted a cool nickname. Now he's stuck with it.
~ Icepick's bio.
You really think someone's gonna try and steal an entire rocket?! You must be mental.
~ Icepick's awful choice of words in the Stickmin Space Resort ending.
Ugh, I don't wanna be on caravan duty.
~ Icepick to Snowcap.

Icepick is a major antagonist in Completing the Mission, the sixth and final installment of the Henry Stickmin series.

He is another member of the infamous and notorious Toppat Clan. Stationed in a snowy environment, he wanted a cool nickname to go with it and now he's stuck with the name Icepick. Since Icepick's tophat is also a cold gear, it's incredibly hot for him when he gets to the Dogobogo Jungle, where the new Toppat base is hidden.

Although appearing only in three routes, he's one of the main reasons for two of them, as thanks to him, Henry Stickmin learned about the Toppat Clan's new plans.


Stickmin Space Resort

This ending takes place after the Pure-Blooded Thief and Presumed Dead routes from the previous two games. Icepick is a major antagonist.

Icepick is speaking through the phone. Wanting to speak to Reginald Copperbottom, the Toppat Leader, he's forced to speak to an unknown Toppat as Copperbottom is busy. The two are speaking about the Rocket Plan: Launch a space station into orbit to be far away from any government trying to bring the clan down. He goes about the great details the rocket has, but inside a crowded tavern. After the unknown Toppat realises this, Icepick calms him down by saying no one will be listening. However, a mysterious vagabond listened, and that vagabond is Henry Stickmin, who decided to steal the entire rocket and turn it into a resort placed in space for no known reason.

Four hours before launch, Henry is raiding the Toppat base, trying to steal it. Meanwhile, Icepick complains about his tophat, and tries to change hats with Sal Malone, who refuses, as that's against the rules. Suddenly, Henry hits Sal while riding on his scooter straight into the rocket. Noticing Sal's tophat on the ground, Icepick puts it on.

Ultimately, Henry succeeds in stealing the rocket and launching it into space as a resort. Seeing as Icepick wasn't inside the rocket, it can be presumed he was arrested by the American Government, like every other Toppat left on Earth.

Little Nest Egg

This ending takes place after the Relentless Bounty Hunter and Presumed Dead routes from the previous two games. Icepick is the secondary antagonist.

Icepick, now with a friend, Snowcap, is once again inside the tavern and talking about the rocket. Icepick points out the fact that the plan is continuing without Reginald (In the RBH ending, Henry kidnaps Reginald and the Gov't arrests him). Snowcap points out that all of the Clan's money is stored inside one cart, as the two Toppats will be riding a train leading to the secret base. Icepick and Snowcap prepare to leave, but a mysterious vagabond bumps into the Toppats. The vagabond is Henry, who stole the paper that has the plan on it.

Henry later attacks the train with his tank (he has one in this route) by just ramming into it. Icepick shoots his machine gun at Henry (Icepick himself is on the back of a truck guarding the train) but misses, just like the other Toppats attacking Henry.

At the end, Henry menages to steal the money cart, kill the train's conductor, and escape with no punishment. As the Toppats are trying to find Henry, the current leader tells them to forget about it and get on the rocket. It is unknown if the Toppats succeeded in launching their rocket into space and/or if Icepick survived, as the American Government is secretly planning to raid the Toppat base.

Toppat 4 Life

This ending takes place after the Rapidly Promoted Executive and Presumed Dead routes from the previous two games. Icepick is a minor character, and he and Snowcap are seen on the beginning, whispering to each other. It's most likely because two soldiers (who are drunk) are also inside the place.


Stickmin Space Resort

Hello? Yeah, can I speak to the Chief, please? Not available? Well look, I was just wondering if the Rocket Plan was still in action. You know, the Rocket Plan. Firing up that space station into orbit? Yeah, the one where we can just sit around- No, li- You know... Luxurious lounges... Plenty of room... Great view of Earth... Far enough away from any meddling governments... Yeah. Still happenin' then? Ye-Right, w-we're leaving from that jungle base then, right? What? Relax, mate! No one's going to be listenin' in here! You really think someone's gonna try and steal an entire rocket?! You must be mental. Right. Yeh. Yeah, I'll see you then.
~ Icepick with an unknown Toppat.
But it's soo hot.
~ Icepick complaining to Sal Malone.

Little Nest Egg

So the plan's going through even without the Chief?
~ Icepick to Snowcap.
Aren’t we meant to protect all our stolen valuables? All our money? All that?
~ Icepick to Snowcap about their job.
Whelp. Guess we better get going. (Henry bumps into him) Ugh. Oi! Watch where you're going! Muppet...
~ Icepick to Henry.