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I guess we know who's in charge, sheriff. Oh is it? You think you have what it takes to run that office? You think I didn't make sacrifices? I've made sacrifices. And you won't be in that chair one minute before you have to give up something you care about just so the wheels don't fall off the goddamned wagon. I did the best I could with what I had. And the town took everything it could out of me. If I maybe took a little something back in return... then so be it. I have no regrets.
~ Ichabod Crane reflecting on his tenure as deputy mayor.
There she is now....
~ Ichabod Crane's last words before being killed by Bigby Wolf.

Ichabod Crane is a character from the Fables comic book series and the prequel videogame The Wolf Among Us. He serves as a major antagonist in both as he is a completely selfish, arrogant, spiteful, and cruel government official that has been elected as Deputy Mayor of Fabletown.

In the game, he is voiced by Roger L. Jackson, who is well-known for providing the voice of Mojo Jojo and also provided the masked voice of the White Pumpkin in Minecraft: Story Mode.

Personality (Video Game)

Crane is initially presented as a strict and callous Deputy-Mayor: repeatedly berating and ordering around Snow White and insulting Sheriff Bigby Wolf. It can be inferred that due to the absence of Mayor King Cole, Crane had no one to politically challenge him, and thus allowed his position of power to go to his head.

Once the murders of Faith and Lily are discovered, Crane's arrogance slowly sheds and his (storybook) cowardice reemerges. Once his obsession with Snow White is discovered and he becomes a murder suspect, he immediately flees and attempts to prove his innocence by forcing the girls at the Pudding & Pie to confess the real killer's name. Upon finally being confronted, Crane collapses on the ground and pathetically justifies his actions.

Despite his callous and selfish behavior, Crane is hinted to have a conscience or at least a twisted sense of morality (be it a façade or for the wrong reasons). When Crane laments to Bigby about Snow White's (fake) death, he explains the positivity she brought to them all and inquires about her final moments. However, Bigby can call him a hypocrite, due to his initial mistreatment of her and sudden interest in her only after she died. Despite trying to falsely accuse the Woodsman as a murderer, Crane pleads with Bigby not hurt him, possibly wanting to minimize his already present guilt about convicting an innocent man for murder.


The Wolf Among Us

Episode 1: Faith

Ichabod Crane is first encountered in his office berating Snow White for not telling him about the murder that she and Fabletown's sheriff, Bigby Wolf, had investigated. As this was the first murder in Fabletown for many years Crane fears the possible political backlash that could effect his career as deputy Mayor. Crane is also surprised to hear that the murdered Fable was also a prostitute, something that Crane coldly states could create more problems for him politically. He then angrily demands that Bigby and Snow quickly wrap up the investigation before storming out of his office for a massage appointment.

Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors

When Bigby is detained by Detective Brannigan and human police officers, Crane rescues him with a memory erasing spell to incapacitate the whole station. As Crane drives Bigby back to the Woodlands, he first talks to Bigby about who he arrested last night. If Bigby arrested Tweedle Dee, Crane will strongly try to dissuade Bigby into believing that Dee is involved in the murders. Alternatively, if Bigby arrested the Woodsman, Crane will feign strongly believing the Woodsman is the murderer and is close to confessing it. Afterwards, Crane will confess that he misses Snow and asks Bigby what the last thing she said to him was.

When they arrive at the Woodlands, they meet up with Bluebeard, who is threating the suspect with violence. If the suspect is Tweedle Dee, Crane will demand Bluebeard and Bigby not to use violence (More than likely fearing retaliation from the Tweedles or the Crooked Man). Alternatively, if the suspect is the Woodsman Crane will plead not to hurt the Woodsman (Most likely because he doesn't want to feel guilty for indirectly hurting an innocent man). Regardless of who the suspect is or Bigby's interrogation methods, Snow will arrive in the basement and interrupt the interrogation.

Crane is seen briefly when Snow and Bigby examine the fake Snow White body. When Bigby finds a glamor tube in her pocket, he finds inside of it is a lock of Snow's hair. The three then witness the body transform, revealing her to be Holly's sister, Lily. Crane is seen one last time at the end of the episode, where he spies on Bigby through the magic mirror. When Bigby finds the contents of room 207, Cranes motel room, he discovers Crane's perverted obsession with Snow White, and finds photos of Crane with a Glamoured Lily. Enraged at being caught, Crane smashes the magic mirror and steals one of the shards.

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

After stealing a broken mirror shard to ensure he can't be follow, Crane sets up a meeting with Auntie Greenleaf at 2:00 am. He plans obtain the ring of Ring of Dispel, a ring that cancel any magical spell or enchantment. Armed with the ring, he attempts to prove his innocence by using the ring on the girls at the Pudding & Pie. Unbeknownst to him, the ring lost it's power over time and has become useless.

While Bigby and Snow track him down, Bigby discovers that Crane has been secretly embezzling money from Fabletown to pay off his debt to the Crooked Man. When they finally find him, Crane is seen grabbing Nerissa and demanding her to tell the truth of his innocence by saying the real killer's name. Nerissa pleads with Crane that she can't, but Crane shakes her further. Crane is then interrupted by Bigby and Snow's arrival, as he tells them his plan, however the ring fails to work. As Crane slumps to the ground crying, Snow and Bigby discuss his crimes: his embezzlement of Fabletown funds, his perverted obsession with Snow White, and his possible involvement in the murder of Lily. Seeing Crane pathetically plead with them, Snow realizes that Crane is too cowardly to have murdered Faith or Lily. As Bigby and Snow argue over the evidence they have, Snow concludes the only real charges they can make against Crane are his embezzlement crimes.

The two escort Crane outside the back exit of the club, where they are cornered by Bloody Mary and The Tweedle Brothers. Mary demands that the duo hand over Crane to them as per request from the Crooked Man. Crane pleads with Mary that he didn't snitch on them, only to have Mary interrupt him. A fight breaks out when Bigby refuses to surrender Crane to them. Just before Mary can behead Bigby, Snow concedes to hand over Crane if Mary doesn't kill Bigby. When the Crooked Man agrees, Crane hesitantly approaches Mary. Mary then turns to Snow and confirms her thoughts that Crane is not the murderer, due to being too cowardly to kill anything.

Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing

After finding the mirror shard in Crane's coat, Snow asks the mirror to show her Crane. Crane is seen one last time being ordered by Mary to strictly follow the Crooked Man's orders to get on a plane to Paris and remain silent. Otherwise, she'll track him down and deal with him her own way, then she sadistically begs Crane to disobey.

Fables (comic series)

Throughout the series, Ichabod Crane shows that he cares very little for the needs of the other Fables forced to live in New York, and is only concerned with helping those that are rich and willing to provide bribes for his services. Crane is eventually fired from his position after sexually harassing his secretary, Snow White. after going into exile, he turns on all the citizens of Fabletown by becoming a spy for The Adversary, the creature responsible for driving the Fables from their homelands in an attempt to exterminate them all. The Sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby Wolf, had already considered Crane's betrayal and sends Cinderella to act as a spy to catch him in the act. Cinderella locates and seduces Crane and is able to get him to confess his role as an Adversary spy. However, because Bigby did not go through proper Fabletown political channels to obtain his evidence, Crane could never be tried in a court of law for his treason. As it seemed that Crane would get away with his treason, Bigby, unable to let Crane escape justice again, executed him on the spot by bashing his head in with a headless statue of Napoleon.



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