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Idol Rabier is a minor yet significant antagonist in the Rising of the Shield Hero series, he is a nobleman and Raphtalia's previous abusive owner. He is also responsible for the death of her best friend Rifana.

He was voiced by Taisuke Nishimura in Japanese and Tom Fahn in English.


At first glance, Rabier seems to be a kind and benevolent noble, but that is merely a façade that hides his true nature; that of an arrogant, vile and horrid man. He looks down on Demi-humans and similar to the Church of the Three Heroes, he seems deluded into thinking that his horrid actions against them are a 'service to his God', and that killing the "Devil of the Shield" will assure him a place in heaven.

A pedophilic, sexual sadist, Rabier tortured helpless Demi-human children and took a sick pleasure in their suffering and agony. On top of all this, Rabier is also extremely condescending and couldn't stand being looked down upon by anyone who he feels are lesser than him (which is likely everyone).

Despite his grandeur Rabier is a true coward when cornered by those more powerful, begging a vengeful Raphtalia for mercy when he never granted any to the demi-humans he tortured. He was also willing to kill his own soldiers to save his own skin, demonstrating how he cares for nobody but himself.


  • Idol is likely the most evil and heinous character in the series, having tortured innocent children for his own sickening gratification. He's also responsible for Raphtalia's past, and her becoming mentally detached and traumatised until she was saved by Naofumi.
  • While slavery is legal in the kingdom of Melromarc, it is actually illegal to torture the slaves, meaning that Idol was indeed breaking the law of the kingdom with his horrid actions.
  • Idol's name was only revealed in his anime debut, but not in the manga or light novel.

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