Idulnas (also known as The Third and The Third Minion of Gozer) is a demonic supernatural entity that can travel through mirrored surfaces and a villain in the Ghostbusters IDW Comics. He was tasked by Gozer with procuring the "Selector" for the rite of change.


Idulnas was created to bring about a resurrection for Gozer so that the latter could come in the intended way and complete the task of destruction. Each subsequent manifestation of Gozer hastened Idulnas' development.

He first appeared in many reflections following the Infestation incident before taking possession of a man named Jim Silver in order to get to the Firehouse and confront the Ghostbusters with a lawsuit over the damages caused by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. However, the Ghostbusters just brushed him off, inciting an angry Idulnas to head over to a bear statue on Wall Street and bringing it to life as the Gozerian Terror Bear to fight the Ghostbusters, who managed to defeat the Terror Bear, forcing Idulnas to go hiding for a couple of months.

After months of hiding, Idulnas took possession of Janosz Poha (a former follower of Vigo) to summon four entities called the Collectors to finish off the Ghostbusters once and for all. However, Janosz rebelled against Idulnas's control, inciting the annoyed Collectors to take away Idulnas to their dimension for his blunder.



  • When Dan Schoening began to sketch ideas, he researched Roman and Sumerian gods that represented opposites and metamorphosis. He toyed around with the idea Idulnas took the form of the original Gozer concept - Ivo Shandor.
  • Tristan Jones focused his first drawings of Idulnas around Gozerian motifs but since it came from reflections, the focus shifted to grotesque and distorted anatomy.
  • Eventually, Jones and Schoening leaned in the direction of an androgynous being but with a more masculine build. The final design came from brainstorming creature designs for a future story arc.
  • In addition to the Ghostly Gallery, Jones and Schoening posted a total of 11 more concept designs on October 8, 2011.
  • On November 9, 2011, Tristan Jones posted more early concept drawings and mused some may be used in the future.
  • In Issue #4, Idulnas' suggestions for a new Destructor Form are a Jabberwocky, Sloar, Grendel Spawn, and Nordic Frost Giant.
  • Idulnas' name is an anagram of "Dan" and "Luis", in reference to Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado, the ongoing comics' main artist and colorist.


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