Ifrit is a villain and boss from Romancing SaGa, acting as the main foe in the "Theodore's Madness" quest. He is a demon sent by the Minions to cause conflict in the Knights Dominion and seize the Ruby Fatestone in the possession of Lady Flammar.

Ifrit kidnaps the real Theodore, Emperor of Mirsaburg, and locks him inside a cave, after which he assumes his identity and rallies the Mirsaburg army to attack the neighboring city of Weiserheim, where Lady Flammar keeps the Fatestone. When the heroes arrive at the Knights Dominion, they learn of what had been transpiring, and with the help of Constance, Theodore's daughter, they learn of a secret passage to Mirsaburg's castle, where they find the location to the cave where the real Theodore was being kept. After theodore is rescued, the party goes to Weiserheim and unmask the impostor, who reveals himself as Ifrit and confronts the heroes.

Ifrit is a very powerful fire demon, easily dealing over 700 damage with an all-party attack that will kill instantly an unprepared party. This can be a problem, as once you rescue Theodore you're locked into the Ifrit fight, and leaving Weiserheim will cancel the quest.

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