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Ignignokt and Err, better known as the Mooninites, are one of the main antagonists from Adult Swim's animated TV series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They are two-dimensional video-game sprite-like aliens from the Moon who visit Earth frequently cause senseless destruction and chaos for the heroes.

Ignignokt was voiced by Dave Willis, and Err was voiced by Matt Maiellaro.


Ignignokt, the leader, is lime green and is larger than his companion named Err. Ignignokt usually is the one to come up with the Mooninites plans. Err is his hyperactive and trash-talking tag-along. He often yells profanity to get his point across and usually agrees with anything Ignignokt says. Err has actually, however, sometimes shown he is the more intelligent of the two, despite his follower status.


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